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Jormungand 2

Fanservice does feel good.

It is my personal thought that this show doesn’t have as much action porn as Lagoon has. I do not think that this is either positive nor negative, but I will probably spend a lot of this post explaining its effects on the content and the viewers.

A new part to Koko’s philosophy in selling weapons is revealed this episode, and I expect another to be revealed the next episode, and another the episode after that, and so on. This is about one of the few instances that Koko is not willing to sell weapons. Whether she gains money or not, she knows that the cause she would be giving to is a lost cause, so she is not willing to sell weapons to them.

Revy would call her retarded in that sense, and this show differs from Black Lagoon in a similar way. Although both the company here and the company in Lagoon were both a set of morally bankrupt characters save Rock (who’s actually changing), they differ in the philosophy by which they do their…shit. The Lagoon Company did their shit to make money. They didn’t have any problem with what they were doing. They just delivered, and after the goods were delivered, they never gave it a second thought. Hekmatyar’s operations group sells weapons to make money as well, but with more of a conscience with what they are doing. If they feel that the weapons they are selling will go to a lost cause, the weapons are better off not sold.

That’s how I saw it, at least. It is just as easy to see it as her not selling weapons to these guys because they had no clear method of payment. Either way, it gives an interesting angle to it all.

I like the fact that Jormungand isn’t whoring out its action scenes as much as Black Lagoon did, for some reason. Sure, it’s a show about action, so it may be originally disappointing to see a lesser amount of action, but in all actuality it gives an interesting enough picture of how such high-level criminals work that it may just be as effective as action porn in keeping its viewers enthralled.

To talk about things that aren’t Black Lagoon: I think it should be protocol that if the reception is so bad you can’t communicate with HQ, you should get the fuck out of there. You should know something’s up by then. All this complication could have been avoided that way. But well, I guess it was cool to see these characters being imprisoned and surrounded, although this show seems to downplay the importance of the fact that the guy there was killing all civilians trying to leave the mountain pass.

My cover rating is still at a tentative 8/10.

Before I leave though, I’d just like to give a special shoutout to Reiseng for his tremendous support for me. I should tell you that my main motivation in blogging comes from comments and shoutouts! Yes, I am a giddy schoolgirl. A total attentionmongerer. Reiseng is also located at his blog.

Also, this new banner is horrible. Mushy should change it, or else I’m going to protest by doing something. I don’t know. No matter what anybody else says, I stick to my belief that this banner is the most terrible abomination to exist in existence. I don’t understand what it is with this theme anyway. I liked the last one better.

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