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Mouretsu Pirates 16

Chef: “So, Monsieur Bonjour, how was la cuisine de notre restaurant?”
Monsieur Bonjour: “C’est très bon, Monsieur Chef. And now, I wish you a bonjour and a bon adieu.”
Chef: “Wait, Monsieur Bonjour! You are a true connoisseur of bourgeoisie cuisine, n’est pas?”
Monsieur Bonjour: “Oui. What of it?”
Chef: “Je would like to ask vous how my pie was.”
Monsieur Bonjour: “C’est bon.”
Chef: “Non! Pouvez-vous tell me more precisely?”
Monsieur Bonjour: “C’est… très bon?”
Chef: “Non!!! Je want vous to rate my pie, s’il vous plaît.”
Monsieur Bonjour: “Pardon, Monsieur Chef, but if I did that…”


Monsieur Bonjour: “I’d be pie-rating.”

( ´_ゝ`)ノ⌐■_■

Piracy is just a business. However, like any business, and especially businesses in the entertainment industry, it has a history. Piracy is not just putting on a show for fun. Piracy is not doing whatever you want purely for the sake of profit.

No. In the Sea of the Morningstar (by the way, that is the stupidest name for a planet ever, just thought I’d like you guys know that), piracy is the embodiment of a culture. There was one episode where Gruier wondered about the possibility of ‘true human value’, something that would be valued by all humans, always. What’s the answer? Arts. History.


OK, fine, that’s not actually the answer, that’s some bullshit I pulled out of a bull’s ass, but just like cowboys and rangers in the ol’ Wild West, pirates are as unique to the Sea of the Morningstar’s culture as the National Liberation Army soldiers are to Libya. Wait, that was a horrible analogy that has nothing to do with what I’m saying, and what I’m saying is that pirates were the ones who INDEPENDENTIZED the Sea of the Morningstar, and ought to be treated with proper respect. Independentized is not a word. Don’t use it in your essays.

Wearing proper formal clothing and sunglasses is showing proper respect to the ancient culture, history, and tradition of the Sea of the Morningstar. DRESSING UP IN PLAYBOY BUNNIES AND CHEER-LEADING OUTFITS IS NOT. Have these girls no shame?! For one, who would wear a bunny suit in front of hundreds of rich bureaucrats? For two, wait, this isn’t a cosplay festival! This is SUPPOSED TO BE a solemn testimony to the sacrifices made by both pirates and the standing army of the Sea of the Morningstar in its fight for independence! There’s something known as proper pirate etiquette and manners, and these girls have NONE OF THAT.

That said, this episode was hilarious, though. For all the wrong reasons. Except, they were right reasons, because the director obviously wanted us to laugh in awkward shame of having the great fictional culture of some fictional planet ruined by a bunch of fictional characters. OH WELL

Mouretsu Pirates as it is seems more like ‘the Many Adventures of a Travelling Performer’ than what I expected, an INTERGALACTIC SPACE OPERA DRAMA OPERA DRAMA. Opera. Also, drama. Mouretsu Pirates had the opportunity to be awesome. It sets up this incredibly realistic atmosphere, it’s already got bits of large-scale drama with the Serenity arc, and the background of the Revolutionary War is just ripe for some well-timed rebellion.

However, I suppose that was all just a clever ruse. There never was any hope of this happening. Jenny’s arc is going to be the last arc, and there won’t be a second season. If there was, it would only continue focusing on Marika, rather than the UNIVERSE in front of her. I expected too much of a show that admits to itself that it needs more rests.

Picture completely unrelated to everything. Note: those glasses were on there when I took the screenshot. I am not lying.



P.S. The Bentenmaru’s main selling point is how pirate-like everything seems. The mock swordfight with Kane at the beginning was brilliant, you guys have to admit. Ririka was probably called BLASTER RIRIKA for choreographing spectacular gunfights. Also, think back to one of the earliest episodes, where Ririka says that pirating is all for show. WAIT A MINUTE

P.P.S. Let the yuri fans drool over this episode, I’m running away from this abominable filth with my head between my eyes. I mean, my eyes on my head. Wait, that’s how people normally run


P.P.P.P.S. Black Holy is still squished

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  1. Looks like this episode got its just deserts.

    2012/04/25 at 00:17


    2012/04/25 at 00:37

  3. why do all of the characters look 200% cooler all of a sudden

    2012/04/25 at 19:45

  4. I wonder why…

    2012/04/29 at 21:08

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