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Uchuu Kyoudai 5

Today I will actually post about Space Bros. The last two posts on Space Bros were incredibad because they were very incredibad. This actually involves effort because.


I should tell all of you something. I actually cannot watch stuff like this for some reason. I can sit through a show full of violence and moral bankruptness and cold-blooded murder, but I could not bring myself to watch this scene. Hell, whenever I see a break-up between friends in cartoons even when I was a small boy, I would turn off the TV for a while. Then come back when everything’s made up. Otherwise I’d just cry for ten hours because it was so traumatizing for my emotions. WHY WHY WHY DID THESE MISUNDERSTANDINGS WHY WHY WHY HAPPEN WHY

This was a fantastic episode, as it detailed much about the relationship between the two brothers throughout their years. It’s very realistic, as it encompasses an entire spectrum of relationships. Relationships between two people who spent all their time together is not as one-sided as them hating or loving each other all the time!

Man, that translation. That is top-tier translation. Top tier.

Anyway I somehow feel as though this is unresolved. This feeling of disappointment from Hibito. I’m not sure if it will be for a long time.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh god Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh god he’s getting cut

I told you guys last week
oh god oh god why oh god no oh god no god oh god

cue 17 weeks of more heartbreaking.


2 responses

  1. so was it terribad or terriBED (hair)

    p.s. you’re too emotional. also this is not realistic. my brother sucks and he’ll continue to suck forever

    2012/05/04 at 04:48

  2. you’re unrealistic

    Oh no wait no sorry

    2012/05/04 at 04:52