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Gangsta 12

I’m heading off to Seattle again. Expect pictures when I return. Until then, az will run the show!! Have fun. Here’s a picture of my face, sighing because I’m sick. Of you.

Have some much needed backstory, in one paragraph.

The WEST and the EAST are in a WAR of the UNIFICATION between the WEST and the EAST in NINETEEN OH EIGHT and the PHYSICAL ENHANCEMENT drug-medicine “CÉLÈBRE” is used by the WEST and so they WON the WAR but in NINETEEN TWELVE the war ENDED and the drug was BANNED by the GOVERNMENT of the WEST and ERGASTULUM was a QUARANTINED GHETTO established in NINETEEN THIRTEEN for users of CÉLÈBRE who must wear TAGS because DESCENDANTS of users of CÉLÈBRE suffer GENETIC after-effects and are PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY different from other PEOPLE, that is to say, they are STRONG but possibly DEAF and/or CRAZY. Unfortunately users of CÉLÈBRE and their DESCENDANTS must get daily doses of CÉLÈBRE to retain their SANITY and LIFE, and their lifespans are also extremely SHORT just like NICOLAS who was once a little boy who went into WORRICK’S mansion and worrick was called WALLACE and was really really MEAN to NICOLAS because NICOLAS was DEAF and also addicted to CÉLÈBRE and THE END.

If you liked this post, fuck you.

6 responses

  1. Well shit

    My show-running skills have been bad

    2012/05/07 at 02:45

  2. Good Luck on your trip, Mushy. I am sure AZ will do just fine.

    2012/05/07 at 07:00

  3. So have your overall running skills! HA HA HA HiLAIROUS

    P.S. the pun is that it’s High Lair

    2012/05/07 at 23:29


    “Well shit

    My show-running skills have been bad”

    2012/05/07 at 23:30

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