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A Two-Feet Long Diary: Month 4

Today, we’ll talk about… more feet! This NarcissisticCube fellow recently subscribed to my YouTube channel, and is now the first subscriber to my YouTube channel since I started uploading videos of my feet! What I’m saying is, only one person wants to see videos of feet but I’M UPLOADING THEM ANYWAYS BECAUSE I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO POST ABOUT

So, I don’t have much to say here, because I’ve made zero progress in everything so far. Compare these videos with last month’s and you’ll realize, they’re exactly the same! That’s right, I just tricked you into thinking I shot two videos of my feet just for today when in fact I didn’t.

I honestly don’t know what to do with my feet now. Sure, they bend and do weird stuff but those stuff are weird and don’t help me at all. I want to pick up objects and shit. That’s right, I want to shit on those objects I pick up with my feet. Wait, no, that’s not what I meant to say DON’T LEAVE ME

Perhaps I should just practice picking objects up? So far, if I curl my toes REALLY REALLY TIGHT I can pick up socks. Now if I could wear them, how much cooler would that be?! That’s right, NOT AT ALL. Unfortunately, it’s hard to pick up socks while you’re wearing socks, and I never walk around without wearing socks because we never turn up the heat and we don’t even have a carpet.

So I guess, my plan for the next month: try to do stuff with my feet. Yep. Real specific. My teacher would give me an A in personal planning and goal-setting. Or maybe gemsetting because now in Dwarf Fortress I just got a migration wave of 10 gem setters (and some other dwarves, but they don’t matter).

Alternatively, this can just remain as a stupid project. I’m fine with that. Other stupid useless projects I’m currently pursuing include trying to spin pens, using my left hand for everyday activities such as brushing my teeth and punching az’s face, typing at 10 wpm with my newfound Dvorak ‘skills’, and writing silly things on a silly web’log. Maybe I’ll try learning shorthand this summer just so it doesn’t take me so long to write anything. It took me 10 hours to write this post because Dvorak. :'(

9 responses

  1. see this is why I should blog like two more shows

    2012/05/09 at 01:52

  2. naztic

    It’s not like I subscribed for your silly foot blog. I more or less just liked the piano stuff you recorded. The feet videos are simply a fantastic bonus I did not truly realize until after the subscription.

    2012/05/09 at 09:57

  3. Yes,prisoner.

    DO IT!!!!

    2012/05/09 at 10:58

  4. are you ashamed

    2012/05/09 at 16:50


    P.S. sorry for making you type your comment twice, I don’t let WordPress automatically approve all comments… B(

    2012/05/09 at 16:51

  6. Do…..???

    2012/05/09 at 16:54

  7. naztic

    Oh my, how kind. Thanks forever or something equally nice.

    No, it’s nothing you did. It’s just that I have not used WordPress to talk before so I had no clue what I was doing. Thanks for the concern and for moderating that second post away, though.

    2012/05/10 at 07:47

  8. You’re welcome! Whenever you need a post moderated, just tell me and I’ll… moderate it.

    2012/05/11 at 04:23

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