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RRR Manga Quarterly Review 7

Even though today’s a Professional Development Day (read: no school), I still didn’t make a post! So have this post that isn’t really a post! I’ll make it into a real post later today! Or tomorrow! Or next week! Probably next month or next year, though… I’m sure you guys are excited!

So, hmmm, spoilers ahead. They actually spoil me more than you since the entirety of the manga was already scanlated (as of almost than two months ago), except they actually don’t spoil me since I’m the one writing them, and I already read up to chapter 92, which will be the topic of discussion for today which is actually yesterday!! I don’t know, alright? I’m only 14 chapters away from the ending!

Yeah… 14 chapters away from the end. How will the author wrap this up? It feels like the author is already rushing into a conclusion; the car accident thread was so easily resolved, Yuuma was completely kicked out of the tournament, and all the battles are becoming shorter and shorter. Yet, 14 chapters still doesn’t seem enough! Even these people are incredulous.

At the beginning, we followed four people into the tournament: Rikitarou, Mori, Kamiyama, and Yuuma. We ought to see a battle for each of these people, but Yuuma’s out, and Mori and Kamiyama face each other in the next match. The match after that has that winner against Rikitarou, and then one more match of Rikitarou vs. Asahina. Three matches in 14 chapters, without counting any training?

Honestly, if I didn’t know RRR ended at 106 chapters, my outlook would’ve been wildly different. I’d have thought that there was too much time, and RRR wasn’t dragging on fights enough. But now…

The car crash was completely contrived, though. Unintentional alliteration, but it was really only a plot device to teach him to stop being absent-minded and to create a final enemy for him to defeat. RRR could’ve gone on to at least 150 chapters; I wonder why it ended so (comparably) early?

Asahina’s an interesting character, too. The author seemed undecided on whether to paint him as an absolute monster or not; the time he gave Rikitarou a ride was pretty nice. Remember, all the people we’ve seen so far were humans. Some of them were jackasses, others were bullies, but they were all humans, and they all had human qualities to them. Asahina, on the other hand, doesn’t even seem like a human. Even the people who crashed into Eliza were frightened and ran away; Asahina just remorselessly taunted Rikitarou. That’s the worst form of enemy, an enemy the protagonist can just mercilessly pound simply because he’s inhuman.

RRR’s ending would be better if Rikitarou suddenly finds that Asahina’s as human as the rest of us, and gives up on revenge, or something. Reconciliation, being the better man, turning the other cheek, etc. Who knows what will happen, though?

…Oh right. The people who’ve already finished this manga. Two months ago.

That’s my face! Notice the absence of a nose! :D

P.S. The climax-building is very predictable too; every battle will probably teach Rikitarou a little lesson about boxing (e.g. how to fight southpaw, to keep calm, to stay focused, etc.) until the final climax with Asahina (no, not that type of climax), where all his lessons will be transformed into RAW POWER and ENERGY and FORCE and MIGHT and SENESCENCE

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