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Mouretsu Pirates 18

They did, indeed.

I HAVE LOST ALL POSTING MOTIVATION and feel so tired it’s not even funny, even though I just took a nap. Seriously. This will be a post filled with faggotry, incoherence, and trite nonsense. Want to see a glimpse into the great(ly stupid) Mushyrulez’s mind as he rambles on about foreign cartoons? Well, look no further, because hopefully this will be the first and last post that does such a thing…

FIRSTLY, we must talk about miniskirts.

Yep, I’m sure all of you can’t WAIT to talk about miniskirts. Girls love them, boys love them, moms love them, dads love them, your lecherous grandfather loves them, your Christian fundamentalist grandmother probably doesn’t love them as much as your grandfather does, and I just don’t fucking understand WHAT THEY ARE.

Some call me crazy, but I call myself well-equipped for any situation. If there’s a blizzard in the middle of summer, you’ll all die while I survive because I’m wearing a t-shirt under a long-sleeved shirt under a jacket. I also have gloves in my backpack, and I never wear sandals/flip flops/high heels/whatever newfangled fashion that pops up. No sirree! Just good ol’-fashioned long running pants and running shoes. The hilarious thing is, I don’t even run all that often.

In fact, I don’t even own a pair of shorts. Nor do I own a pair of jeans (which attracted much vitriol when my Chinese teacher told our class to wear jeans for the talent show performance; problem is, I don’t have any). The last time I wore shorts was when I was in Grade 7, I think. Actually, the last time I wore shorts was yesterday, in P.E. class, but that doesn’t count because shorts-wearing is mandatory. Actually, I do own a pair of shorts, and I actually own two – but they’re P.E. shorts. And I’ll have to buy new ones when I move to Churchill…

Why do I never wear shorts? Because it’s FUCKING COLD. The last time I wore non-P.E. shorts, I caught a cold and died. Same with the time before that. Et cetera et cetera et cetera. I just don’t understand how GIRLS (with their arguably more fragile bodies) can wear MINISKIRTS and SHORT SHORTS without IMMEDIATELY DYING. I mean, just looking around, like 50% of girls in our school are scandalously exposing their legs to the caustic cold, whereas about 0.1% of boys in our school are doing the same. What?

Yes, I know, that above section didn’t make sense, and you’re now indubitably bored. Do not worry: simple observation of the preceding image will reveal that the characters’ faces are severely vertically stretched. Also they are all dead because IT IS FREEZING.

Moving on.

All ships are categorized by their class. I remember when Horizon had ship classes. Actually, I don’t, but the Horizon Wikia does.

Well, it seems like Mouretsu Pirates has ship classes too, including the Talbot and Corback classes. The Talbot (or possibly Corback)-class ships look like giant swords that shoot laser beams and missiles, and the Corback (or possibly Talbot)-class ships look like two giant swords glued together that shoot laser beams and missiles. Real creative there.

(Of course, the Bentenmaru only looks different because it was assembled in the past, one of the Great Seven Rockets or something. Giant swords that shoot laser beams and missiles is probably the most efficient military ship design nowadays.)

Anyways, Horizon classes make sense. ‘Dragon’, ‘Bahamut’, all exist in folklore and legends as vast flying creatures. But what is a Talbot, or a Corback? Detailed research on my part has revealed that these ship names come from the names of wealthy entrepreneurs who invested large sums of money in the early years of space colonization; namely, a certain Kevin Talbot, a rich venture capitalist with Relay Ventures, and a nice young Nicean, Corback Lou NiSsArT.

I am sure both will become prominent and salient supporters of space exploration, and I will fervently follow their financial and technological pursuits through years to come.

tl;dr: whoops I forgot to talk about pirates again :j

P.S. There was considerable amounts of JORMUNGAND in this episode

P.P.S. Where was BLACK HOLY???

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