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Gangsta 13

If I were cool and American and not Chinese, that just might be me at this moment. However, I’m not cool, not American, and I am Chinese. My brother’s American, though, so that just might be his face if he weren’t Chinese. But he is also Chinese.

I really liked this chapter, lewd fanart aside, because it had little children and little children are cute. No, I’m not a pedophile, these kids are 13 and I’m not even 5 years older than them. Some old man married a girl 97 years younger than himself. I think his name was Edgar Cullman or something like that. It was pretty sick, and sick as in ‘disgustingly perverse’, not as in ‘radically suave’.

It’s already been an entire year since the first chapter of Gangsta, which also marks an entire year since I’ve started blogging it. Wow, that’s an entire year, folks.

I won’t be stopping now even though it’s at the 13-chapter mark because it’s still pretty interesting, and there’s still much to talk about. For example: Worrick’s father is frequently inebriated. This is extremely worrying, and I’m surprised a D.A.D.D. organization hasn’t been started yet: Dads Against Drunk Dadding. Remember dads, don’t drink and dad.

Ah, the previous picture jogged my memory of the girl who married a man 97 years older than herself. I believe that her name was… Ella Shawn? It was pretty gross, and gross as in ‘disturbingly raunchy’, not as in ‘massively corpulent’.

Runover of this backstory. The Arcangelo family is wealthy and hires a squad of mercenaries as bodyguards. The leader of the squad impregnated and then killed a Twilight, enslaving her eventual son, who also became a Twilight. The now 13-year-old boy, Nicolas, was put in charge of protecting the Arcangelos’ youngest, 13-year-old son, Worrick. They develop a friendship, and Worrick eventually teaches the deaf and reticent Nicolas to write.

Ah, the previous picture jogged my memory of the old man who married a girl 97 years younger than himself. I believe that they were both extremely odd people, and odd as in ‘aberrantly strange’, not as in ‘equivalent to 1 modulo 2’.


SPOILERS: The newspaper article on Page 23 reveals that a 13-year-old orphan raised by a mercenary squad slaughtered the entire Arcangelo family save their 13-year-old son, whom he kidnapped. They have not been seen since.

Yes. The author planned all this out just in chapter 2.


tl;dr: man this chapter was cute as diabetes

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