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Jormungand 6

Wow. This episode was great, and I’m willing to say that Episodes 3 and 4 were just exceptions to the rule. Jormungand is good. It is now known. This is quite at the level of Black Lagoon now.

First off, action. The action is actually kind of realistic, probably because there wasn’t any one-to-one combat in which every single bullet misses. Here, combat is long and satisfying, but logically so. Bullets don’t hit because the enemy is hiding. Also, bullets actually…often hit! This gets the logic half-seal of approval.

The example of bullets often hitting was that of the pirate combat at the very beginning. Once they locked on to their targets, they were able to decimate the pirates.

The other combat was intercepting an ambush and the receptive parties taking cover.

I like the way that the characters are written so far, and it looks like the show is developing one character at a time rather than developing all of them at the same time. They spent the last episodes developing Jonah and now they are on to developing Valmet. I like it that we know much, but yet we don’t know much of the details. We know that she lost her eye to this person who wields pistols with blades. We don’t know how she got there, though, or how she finally ended up with Koko’s company.

Jonah still gets enough spotlight, though. It’s very interesting to see him learning knife combat from Valmet, as it shows how skilled in combat Valmet really is. By skilled, I don’t mean skill built up from sheer experience, but actual knowledge of combat in a more academic fashion. Combatants who learned skill purely through experience alone are still plausible but simply not as realistic.

I’d also like to say that it’s incredibly good that Jonah is willing to work so closely with someone that is related by blood to the man who killed his parents, simply because Koko’s nice to a degree.

When I saw Doctor Miami in the intro to the first episode, I thought “holy shit glasses and smoking such cool gimmicks put together”. I now think that she’s still a nicely done character although she’s by far not my favourite. She just seems rather generic harmless insane. But what can I say, it’s all cool.

It’s not cool two-handed style Chang. It’s Old Chang, a different Chang.

Chang seems to be the common manipulative villain, able to perfectly pull at the strings to meet whatever ends he wants. We might see his peculiarities later on, but the real stars of the show are Scarecrow and this “Kung Fu Bitch”.

This woman is just like Valmet in her fierce loyalty to her boss. She’d die for her boss, just like Valmet. It’s just that she’s insane in a more cold kind of way, whereas Valmet is actually prone to more uncontrollable emotions worthy of face faults. She is completely ruthless and would kill a comrade for strategic advantage. Valmet probably wouldn’t do that either.


The fact that she has some link to Kaspar Hekmatyar makes the story a hell of a lot more complex. The characters are all connected in a web of blood and destruction. Will it all release itself in a grand climax? This theme seems to have more of an overarching theme than Black Lagoon, for sure.


This villain is so cool. His writing makes me ask questions about storytelling and everything.

This guy is working completely for the common good, but acts like a total douche about it and does it for completely the wrong reasons. Therefore, he is an antagonist. But should that really be? In anime like this the force is usually displayed as irrelevant or a force to act against. I would say that he is an antagonist only because he is contrary to the main character. But in other terms, he’s just perfectly normal for an insane chaotic good person.


Wow, I am very looking forward to the next episode, whether it shows the backstory or the followup to the backstory in the present. The episode just perfectly ended, with just the right amount of cliffhanger to keep people hooked and just the right amount of knowledge for the people to expect a really kick-ass fight scene.

Let it be written that Episodes 3 and 4 were just mere flukes and Jormungand is really really good.

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  1. I am so sad no comments

    2012/05/18 at 04:01

  2. Rei

    How good do you think Jormungand is compared to the other anime this season.

    2012/05/24 at 15:25

  3. I don’t know, to be honest. I can’t really compare apples with oranges, and Jormungand is really different from everything else. So, instead of comparing it to the rest of the anime this season I usually compare it to Black Lagoon.

    I think that this is almost becoming on par with Black Lagoon, but I have yet to see how it handles having ten protagonists. It’s very hard to develop ten characters in 23-minute episodes rather than a long-as-needed manga.

    So, I would say it’s really good and probably in my top 5 this season, I guess.

    2012/05/26 at 17:12

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  5. But Rei

    2012/05/27 at 00:00