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Twitter Drama

[This drama took place around Valentine’s Day, 2012. Thus, it is now old and not worth discussion. Please refrain from linking this post anywhere; this post exists in its unprotected, unedited entirety for archival purposes only.]

If anybody takes offence with this article, just tell me and I’ll pull it off. This article will be about the twitter drama, and thus, if you participated, I’ll probably call you bad names. This is because I like calling people names.

<!–more You have been warned»

1. Some girl attacked somebody for their silly anime avatar, among other things.

2. @SabishiiMiruku defended said somebody and responded to the girl inappropriately and vuc quickly ended the controversy.

3. vuc gets drunk and calls SabishiiMiruku out on Twitter.

4. People hop on the bandwagon.

5. Fallout occurs when others defend SabishiiMiruku’s actions.

Firstly: that girl that attacked somebody was a jerk.

Secondly: when somebody attacks a friend for their silly anime avatar, don’t be misogynistic and escalate the conflict after she starts not giving a fuck. No, making fun of people doesn’t make you seem smooth or cool; it’s immature, irresponsible, and stupid. SabishiiMiruku was a jerk.

Thirdly: vuc acted swiftly and appropriately to SabishiiMiruku’s puerile rantings on SCCSAV. However, after a person ends a discussion and wishes to avoid conflict, is spreading the controversy on Twitter really the polite thing to do? SabishiiMiruku was definitely retarded, but calling him out on Twitter is honestly pretty jerky. Beef jerky. There are better ways to instil respect for societal customs in racist teenagers, including friendly discussion, private messaging, and not stirring up legions of bored folks to ridicule some kid. Vuc, although SabishiiMiruku’s repeated e-mails were provoking, although you may have had a hard day and you weren’t thinking straight at the time, although SabishiiMiruku may have deserved it, you were still a jerk.

Fourthly: Bandwagon-hopping. Before someone tu quoques me, yes, I am an unrepentant asshole who incessantly mocks others during times of drama. Yes, mocking people is funny, especially when they’re jerks. No, them being jerks or it being funny are not grounds for public mockery. Although vuc originally intended the mockery to teach a kid that misogyny and racism is unacceptable, the indistinctness of the bandwagon perverted the lesson. SabishiiMiruku no doubt perceived the derision as a slight to his avatar usage, as opposed to his unacceptable behaviour. I want to use a different word because semantic satiation is making ‘jerk’ seem like not a word, but… you’re all jerks.

Fifthly: SabishiiMiruku, why the fuck did you even reply to anybody’s tweets? Sure, what they said may have unnerved you, but you’ve been through enough drama to know the utter pointlessness of being on the receiving end of the stick. It’s not entertaining, it’s not respectful (especially the tweet about blue collar jobs), and it’s the stupidest thing you could ever do in such a situation. Do what nichdel told you. What do you mean, ‘I tried to walk away, but to no avail’?! JUST DISCONNECT YOUR MOTHERFUCKING INTERNET!!

(Condolences to your mother, by the way: I hope the Internet wasn’t too rough with her.)

In conclusion?

Every single person who participated in the drama are jerks, assholes, or retarded faggots. Maybe just jerks or assholes; the likelihood of any here being academically challenged bundles of wood is quite small. Similarly, it is hard to imagine the composition of an asshole: is it the part of the ass that surrounds the hole? Is it the inside of the ass’s hole? If so, does one being an asshole make one a concentration of nitrogen and oxygen?

tl;dr: you’re all jerks. Even if SabishiiMiruku deserved what you were giving him, that doesn’t make you any less of a jerk. If a cat punches you in the face and you bite his arm off, it doesnt matter if the cat deserved it: you still bit his arm off. fuck the bandwagon, I heard it feels good

P.S. If you’re offended by this article, just tell me and I’ll make it less offending. Yes, I am talking about people behind their backs because not only am I a spineless coward, but many people involved are genuinely sick and tired of the whole business. I wish flomu were here

P.P.S. If you guys want to mock me for writing this article, don’t worry, I’ve already mocked myself enough

P.P.P.S. I’m not publicizing this on Twitter because stirring up additional controversy is antithetical to number 3. “But wait!” you probably won’t think, “If you wanted to avoid drama in the first place, why did you make this fucking post?” THE ONLY REASON I WROTE THIS IS BECAUSE NOBODY ELSE IS WRITING POSTS AND THUS I MUST WRITE CRAP NOBODY CARES ABOUT and also because nobody visits O-New ever nobody will ever find this post and thus, no more drama

P.P.P.P.S. Yes, I know, I’m probably the biggest asshole in the lot of ya. But you’re still all jerks. Is this a personal attack? No. Is this a disparaging remark? Possibly. Is this an objective look at the result of this turmoil. Yes. The actions of all parties involved were disrespectful and base, regardless of whether they were warranted or not.

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  1. eh you’re participating in the drama by writing a post about the after-drama

    this post reflects the views of Mushyrulez, the head of O-NEW, and does not necessarily reflect the views of any of the other bloggers or O-NEW itself.

    2012/08/17 at 17:37

  2. read the post script in which I EXPLICITLY describe why this article does not constitute as drama

    furthermore, even if it did (which is actually quite likely since my post scripts don’t mean shit), that doesn’t detract from the validity of my arguments. you’ll notice that I talk about myself being an asshole for participating in previous drama multiple times throughout the article, and that my participation in those incidents does not preclude me from being an asshole (which is why I was an asshole), and most certainly does not invalidate my claims that others are fucking jackasses

    p.s. I need a better swear word lexicon

    p.p.s. oooooooooh bestiality

    2012/08/17 at 17:40

  3. redball

    Is after-drama like after-birth? Seems like it.

    2012/08/17 at 19:06