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Mouretsu Pirates 19

There’s been few O-New posts lately.

So what’s a guy to do? Well, if you’re a high school student whose prior total literary experience has blogging a really crappy show about vapid braindead high school teenagers, there’s really only one moral dilemma that has to be resolved: are bloggers allowed to wear really short mini-skirts? Get ready for internetwork buccaneering unlike any you’ve ever seen before as the posts get delayed by laziness, boredom, and the sexiest words ever in BODACIOUS SPACE BLOGGERS!

…well, sorry, because a) that was the actual post b) Mouretsu Pirates is neither sexy nor bodacious c) my words are never sexy and d) this won’t be a Mouretsu Pirates post and e) this dearth of posts is due to various factors in my life such as nothing, laziness, nothing, laziness, and some Chinese school talent show competition that I’m apparently participating in. It is also due to various factors in my laziness such as reading this hyper-cool webcomic (that is literally hyper cool and avoids all tropes like the plague, the poop, and the protagonist) and this super-cool webcomic (that is literally super cool and avoids all Touhou canon like the poison, the pee, and the principal).

Furthermore, I also installed madVR and did numerous other tweaks to CCCP before I realized, whoops, madVR must have tiger blood or something because my computer CAN’T HANDLE IT. So I uninstalled everything just to find that taking screenshots didn’t work anymore, and reset all the CCCP settings I so painstakingly set. Except not really because it only took an hour or two. I also set all my YouTube videos to public, so they all look like they were uploaded 2 days ago… except, wait, all of them were already public! What the well?!

Anyways, amidst all this chaos and turmoil in my life, I forgot what was truly important: how to stop and smell the sweet scent of bad posts in the morning. So here, I’ve stopped, I’ve smelled (NOTE: I haven’t taken a shower for like… uh… 24 hours now), and have a bad post that isn’t even about Mouretsu Pirates 19. Ha, ha, ha. Here’s my faces right now, replete with moè pain (TL NOTE: pain means ‘bread’ en français):

P.S. I also made this ridiculously stupid mahjong yaku cheat sheet in case I ever needed to cheat at yakking mahjong. Granted, 53RG10 did most of the work, but I’m a (North) American and I follow the great American spirit of stealing everything, everywhere. ALL THE TIME.

P.P.S. I would’ve uploaded it as a .txt but WordPress doesn’t let me ’cause they’re pussies. If somebody wants to upload this for me I’ll, like, give you ANIBLOG BETTING fake money or something. Too bad Round 3 still hasn’t started.

P.P.P.S. At least I get originality for uploading an image NOBODY ELSE WILL EVER UPLOAD

P.P.P.P.S. I also just realized that Mouretsu Pirates 21 is already out, so I’ll talk about Mouretsu Pirates in my Mouretsu Pirates 20 post. Really. Honestly. No kidding.

All triplets can be substituted by quads, but no quad can be substituted by a triplet.
Examples that are not full hands mean that the yaku only counts the exemplified part of the hand.
Multiple yaku can be stacked together (e.g., Honroutou + Toitoihou or, if seven pairs and closed, Honroutou + Chiitoitsu, or San’ankou + Sanshoku Doukou), unless ‘does not count’ is specified.

Ready Hand; Riichi (立直 / リーチ) – Declaring ready.
One-Shot, Ippatsu (一発) – Winning one round after declaring ready if no other players make open melds in the same round; 1 extra han.
Double Ready Hand, Daburu Riichi/Daburii (ダブル立直) – Declaring ready in the first round; 1 extra han.
Self-Pick; Menzenchin Tsumohou, Tsumo (門前清自摸和, 自摸 / ツモ ) – Winning by self-draw.

No-Points Hand; Pinfu (平和) – A hand with only sequences, waiting on multiple tiles. Pair cannot be a dragon, the prevailing wind, nor the player’s wind.
Ex: [22]・ [456]・ [123]竹 [678]竹 [234]#
One Set of Identical Sequences; Iipeikou (一盃口) – Two sequences of the same numbers in the same suit.
Ex: [456]・ [456]・

Last Wall Tile; Haitei Raoyue, Haitei (海底撈月, 海底) – Winning by the last self-drawn tile on the wall.
Last Discard; Houtei Raoyui, Houtei (河底撈魚, 河底) – Winning by the last discard.
Dead Wall Draw; Rinshan Kaihou, Rinshan (嶺上開花, 嶺上) – Winning by a tile drawn from the dead wall after making a quad.
Robbing a Quad; Chankan (搶槓) – Winning by a discard that another player can make a quad with.

All Simples; Tan’yaochuu (断么九) – A hand without any terminals nor honours.
Ex: [55]竹 [678]・ [333]・ [777]竹 [567]#
Terminal or Honour in Each Set; Chantaiyao (全帯么) – A hand with at least one sequence, and a terminal or honour in every set.
Ex: [RR]龍 [123]・ [999]竹 [789]# [EEE]風
2 han if closed.
Honour Tiles; Yakuhai, Huanpai (役牌, 飜牌) – One triplet of a dragon, the prevailing wind, or the player’s wind.
Ex: [RRR]龍
2 han if the prevailing wind is also the player’s wind.

Three Colour Straight; Sanshoku Doujin (三色同順) – Three sequences of the same numbers in three different suits.
Ex: [456]・ [456]竹 [456]#
2 han if closed.
Straight; Ikkitsuukan, Ittsuu (一気通貫, 一通) – A straight of all the numbers in the same suit.
Ex: [123]竹 [456]竹 [789]竹
2 han if closed.

Seven Pairs; Chiitoitsu (七対子) – A hand with seven pairs. Does not count Iipeikou nor Ryanpeikou.
Ex: [11]・ [33]・ [22]竹 [66]竹 [66]# [88]# [EE]風

All Triplet Hand; Toitoihou (対々和) – A hand with four triplets.
Ex: [666]・ [222]・ [333]竹 [77]竹 [444]#
Three Concealed Triplets; San’ankou (三暗刻) – A hand with three concealed triplets, and one open triplet or sequence.
Ex: [44]・ [555]・ [1111]・ [999]竹 [345]#
Three Colour Triplets; Sanshoku Doukou (三色同刻) – A hand with three triplets of the same number in all three suits.
Ex: [SS]風 [333]・ [333]竹 [333]# [678]#
Three Quads; Sankantsu (三槓子) – A hand with three quads.
Ex: [33]# [5555]・ [2222]・ [678]竹 [GGGG]龍

Little Three Dragons; Shousangen (小三元) – Two triplets and one pair of dragons.
Ex: [RR]龍 [WWW]龍 [GGG]龍
All Terminals or Honours; Honroutou (混老頭) – A hand with only terminals or honours.
Ex: [11]・ [999]・ [999]竹 [111]# [EEE]風
Half-Flush; Hon’iisou (混一色) – A hand with only one suit and honours.
Ex: [EE]風 [123]# [444]# [456]# [NNN]風
3 han if closed.
Terminal in Each Set; Jun Chantaiyao (純全帯么) – A hand with at least one sequence, and a terminal in every set. Does not count Chantaiyao.
Ex: [99]# [111]・ [123]竹 [123]# [789]#
3 han if closed.

Two Sets of Identical Sequences; Ryanpeikou (二盃口) – A hand with two Iipeikous (two sequences of the same numbers in the same suit). Does not count Iipeikou.
Ex: [GG]龍 [123]竹 [123]竹 [456]# [456]#

Flush; Chin’iisou (清一色) – A hand with only one suit. Does not count Hon’iisou.
Ex: [11]竹 [234]竹 [456]竹 [777]竹 [678]竹
6 han if closed.

Seven Same-Suit Simples / The Chariot; Daisharin (大車輪) – A hand with seven pairs of non-terminal tiles of dots.
Ex: [22]・ [33]・ [44]・ [55]・ [66]・ [77]・ [88]・
Also known as Daichikurin (大竹林) for bamboos and Daisuurin (大数隣) for characters.
Thirteen Orphans; Kokushi Musou (国士無双) – A hand with one of every single dragon, wind, and terminal tile, and one extra dragon, wind, or terminal tile.
Ex: [19]・ [19]竹 [19]# [NESW]風 [WGR]龍 [1]・
2 Yakuman if waiting for pair tile.
Four Closed Triplets; Suuankou (四暗刻) – A hand with four closed triplets.
Ex: [EE]風 [999]・ [222]竹 [444]# [888]#
2 Yakuman if waiting for pair.
Nine Gates; Chuuren Poutou (九蓮宝燈) – A hand with 1-1-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-9-9 and one extra tile of the same suit.
Ex: [1 1]・ [1 2 3]・ [4 5 6]・ [7 8 9]・ [9 9 9]・
2 Yakuman if waiting for nine different tiles.

Hand of Man; Renhou (人和) – Any complete hand made by a non-dealer by discard before his own first discard.
Earthly Hand; Chiihou (地和) – Any complete hand made by a non-dealer by self-draw in the first round of play.
Heavenly Hand; Tenhou (天和) – Any complete hand given to the dealer with his starting 14 tiles.

Big Three Dragons; Daisangen (大三元) – A hand with three triplets of dragons.
Ex: [66]竹 [456]・ [WWW]龍 [GGGG]龍 [RRR]龍
Little Four Winds; Shousuushii (小四喜) – A hand with three triplets of winds and a pair of the fourth.
Ex: [NN]風 [777]・ [EEE]風 [SSS]風 [WWW]風
All Honours; Tsuuiisou (字一色)- A hand with only wind and dragon tiles.
Ex: [RR]龍 [EEE]風 [SSS]風 [NNN]風 [WWW]龍
All Terminals; Chinroutou (清老頭) – A hand with only terminal tiles.
Ex: [11]竹 [111]・ [999]・ [999]竹 [111]#
Ryuuiisou (緑一色) – A hand with only green tiles (green dragons and 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 bamboo).
Ex: [88]竹 [234]竹 [234]竹 [666]竹 [GGG]龍
Suukantsu (四槓子) – A hand with four quads.
Ex: [WW]風 [4444]・ [5555]# [9999]竹 [GGGG]龍

Big Seven Stars; Daichisei (大七星) – A hand with seven pairs of every wind and dragon.
Ex: [EE]風 [SS]風 [WW]風 [NN]風 [WW]龍 [GG]龍 [RR]龍

Big Four Winds; Daisuushii (大四喜) – A hand with four triplets of winds.
Ex: [22]# [EEE]風 [SSS]風 [WWW]風 [NNNN]風

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