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Steins;Gate: Boukan no Rebellion 13


First of all, I’d like to express my EXTREME APPROVAL of this turn of events. You know how I always whine about the villain being undeveloped and generically evil? Well, finally, we’ll get to see why Kayano is so psychotic and fights for SERN. Granted, it’s not as fulfilling as a passionate tirade from the head of SERN on how liberty is subservient to eternal peace, but it’s character development nonetheless.

Unless the great mysterious reveal is, “Kayano tripped on a rock and hurt her head. Now she’s insane.”

In which case I would AUH and be very TRAGICAL (TL Note: tragical is not a real word)

Then again, there are still events to look forward to: for example, all of the super-rockin’ cool discoing 70s hippies and hipsters Suzuha will meet on her travels. I mean, if Suzuha gets this emotional over meeting a bunch of cocky serendipitous college students for a week, imagine her exuberance at meeting a REAL LIFE HIPPIE!! For a DECADE!

Unless the great mysterious plot is, “Suzuha became best buddies with Kayano because they’re both retarded losers. THE END. Also we won’t talk about her time travelling back to the coolest era in history because we’re tasteless bastards.”

In which case I would AUH and be very ESOTERIC (TL Note: the following statements are esoteric, and by esoteric, I mean ‘bullshit’)

Lastly, I’d like to impress you all with the knowledge that perhaps Mr. Braun’s spinoff manga will talk about his experiences with Suzuha (if you know what I mean). I like the way Steins;Gate: Boukan no Rebellion is currently progressing, because it actually focuses on Suzuha instead of on Rintarou. The other team members’ offhand remarks do bring back memories of the anime, though (‘Thanks for that ice-cold cola!’).

Unless the great mysterious ending of this post is, “The End. In which case I would end this post with “The End”. The End.”

In which case I would end this post with “The End”.

The End.

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