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Piano Recitals, Talent Shows, and Recent Pack of Losts

The title would be funnier if ‘Losts’ rhymed with ‘Posts’ but they don’t because English is dumb and incredibly silly.


As many of you may not have noticed (nobody noticed last time), there have been no days for the past four posts. As O-New’s prict strosting potocal proto-calls for at least one day to be published every single post – a proto-call we have been filigently dollowing for the next two-and-a-half years – this is, of course, right queprehensible.

So, it’ll make up for us by posting four posts now. Here’s our hiatus of why there was such an excuse…

Some piano recital thing. Also some strings performance thing. Also some Chinese talent show performance thing.

I already threw a offhand one-line remark about this last week, but for those of you who are living under the sky; some Chinese talent show performance thing is some Chinese talent show performance thing. The irony is that a) there was only one b) it wasn’t talented c) it wasn’t a show d) nobody performed e) it might not have been a thing f) it was most definitely in Chinese. Which, ironically enough, isn’t ironic at all. Man, the irony around here is literally PALPABLE

I participated in last year’s some strings performance thing, but unfortunately, one of the steps requires that you know how to play a stringed instrument. Being incompetent at the guitar, the lute, the harp, the violin, and even the rubber band, I had to settle on the viola, a.k.a. the ~BEST INSTRUMENT EVER~. The irony is that a) I missed all the strings performance thing practices during the last week before the performance and b) the teacher put me in the front row so I could show off how I can’t play the instrument at all. Oh wait, that’s not ironic, that’s just sad.

This year, I participated in some piano recital thing. In fact: two piano recital things. The first time, I felt pretty good about myself because I played (comparably) decently, the third (and second) movements of Beethoven’s ‘Waldstein’ Piano Sonata, Number 21 in C major, Op. 53. Here, have a video below. Yes, this is Occult Academy’s Waldstein. (Not really.)

However, the second time, I felt pretty bad about myself, not only because I played EXTREMELY CLUMSILY (which is true), but because everybody else played so indescribably unadverbably amazingly. The irony here is that all three of those were adverbs, except ‘unadverbably’ isn’t a word, and neither is it an adverb. So only two of them were adverbs. The other videos conveniently interspersed among these paragraphs are pieces others played, including (in order), Debussy’s Feux d’Artifice, Chopin’s Revolutionary Étude, Brahms’s Ballade in G Minor (Op. 118, No. 3), and Bartók’s Sonatina (Sz. 55, BB. 69, below video) all of which I’ve not heard of before. They were all brilliant though – both the pieces and their interpretations.

Which only makes me feel worse. :(

And that’s where my time went. Az for where as’s (those were puns) time went, nobody knows. Actually, that’s not where my time went. Most of my time went to the six hours bussing to the piano recital thing and back over two days. When buses are late, they should seriously stay on schedule instead of stopping at every stop! Better to have late buses skip over your stop than to have this big mass of buses all arrive simultaneously. Seriously, there were once three 41s and two 43s IN A ROW that passed by my stop WITHIN FIVE MINUTES of each other one day. Gosh. lern2schedule

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