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O-REW 13: Frivolous Verbosities

Frivolous Verbosities. What is a frivolous verbosity?

Friv·o·lous (adj.) of little or no weight, worth, or importance.
Ver·bos·i·ty (n.) the state or quality of being verbose.
Ver·bose (adj.) using or containing an excess of words, so as to be pedantic or boring.

Simply put, Frivolous Verbosities is a worthless, boring blog. Or at least you’d expect it to be.

But it actually isn’t. Now that I’ve caught your intention, I’m sure that you’ll refrain from closing this tab immediatel-hey what did I say

First of all, some backstory. Frivolous Verbosities is AbsoluteZero255’s blog. Second of all, some backstory. AbsoluteZero255 had another blog, ‘Not so Complex Analysis’, but he deleted that because he’s AbsoluteZero255. Third of all, some backstory. Frivolous Verbosities’s post frequency is one post every month for the first four posts, and one post every day for the last ten posts. Fourth of all, some forwardstory. I wager that AbsoluteZero255 will burn out from Frivolously Verbositing before the end of summer.

That doesn’t mean it’s not a linkworthy blog, though. One (read: intelligent people such as this extremely sexy Mushyrulez fellow) can call his posts pretentious, in that he doesn’t SHOUT IN ALL CAPS or add many self-deprecating remarks, but some of his posts are genuinely interesting. Too bad he doesn’t actually have many posts.

You can immediately tell that Frivolous Verbosities is extremely popular, having NINE subscribers (while O-New merely has… zero. Quick, scroll down to the bottom and become our first subscriber!) and FIVE likes on a post about changing themes. O-New has never gotten a single like, ever. We’ve only gotten one Google+ Plus+ (pronounce that ‘Google Plus Plus Plus’), and that was for the post that shall not be named (i.e. the pedo bear post), and generally HOW THE WELL IS ABSOLUTEZERO255’S BLOG SO DARN POPULAR

His most recent post talks about his beautiful desktop and how he actually still (this is a good one, guys) HAS THINGS ON HIS DESKTOP. [Cue Laughter] Yes, he actually HAS THINGS ON HIS DESKTOP. That’s like, so 2009.

I find this post about learning the GLORIOUS LANGUAGE (of Azerbaijan, of course) extremely interesting as well, in that he copies his Japanese ONTO THE COMPUTER. That’s dedication, man.

So, in conclusion: Frivolous Verbosities is a blog with lots of essays written by a guy who’s probably going to burn out from blogging within the next three months. Should you read it? Eh.

P.S. this post was published on June 3rd because I feel like ripping apart the fabrics of time and space

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