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Jormungand 9

So, when I thought that this entire episode would be beach filler my face went

in actual anger.

But then I saw the good part so then my face went


Just how did everything work out? This was the introduction to what I feel may just be one of the best arcs in this show.

The introduction to Mao’s past was executed perfectly — it was a simple, yet effective flashback when Jonah asked him questions. What kind of mentality does a person have to have in order for him to get a job with a travelling arms dealer? This is posed here, and the answer, desperation, is shown clearly. Also, his past, placed here, is a big indication to the fans that you will be seeing some artillery action in Episode 10 or 11.

However, I do feel that Mao didn’t get enough screen time before this episode and his spotlight here feels a bit rushed.

So far I don’t actually think that Jormungand has a problem with having too many characters. Sure, there’s a lot less introspection than other series, but these characters are by no means one-dimensional, although one or two of them loosely fall into at least one action movie cliche, like Valmet.

The introduction to the main plot of this episode just screams that something’s going to go horribly wrong or take a dramatic unexpected turn. Especially with the introduction of the villain. Pure evil. Pure, unadulterated evil. Evil like a mad dog.

The way he acts in this episode really shows that he’s not the kind of person to listen to any form of reason at all.

Man, he just shot a doctor. Shooting doctors really isn’t cool.

I’m not exactly sure how ten people are going to eliminate a militia several hundred men strong, but I think that this means there’s going to be a huge explosion of some sort.

The pacing of this episode is quite well done. The quickly rising tension really reflects how horrifyingly unpredictably Nicolaevich operates. The episode ending right before the real action starts is brilliant, leaving viewers wanting more.

This show is still looking strong and it appears to be just getting better every episode.

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  2. lol doesn’t this feel like roberta declaring war on america

    p.s. damn now I’ve got this sudden urge to put random screencaps of other shows into mouretsu pirates ‘reviews’

    2012/06/13 at 01:37

  3. I don’t know it didn’t feel like that really

    they weren’t at war with a country, they were at war with a militia that took over the army

    2012/06/13 at 01:42