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Review: Week in O-New

Urgh. So I’ve got a fever. This is extremely bad because a) next week is the last day of school b) I just bombed my Chinese school final because of my headache c) next week is the last day of school d) this means I have to finally finish (start) my science fair project, some science ‘building challenge’ contraption (don’t ask), three socials essays (including one book review of a library book that not only did I not read, but I also lost), English essay, and French project (which az did the entirety of last time, poor guy.

So I’ve got a fever. And a headache. And this disturbing lymph node in the middle of my neck which I thought at first was a tumour. OK, I’M BAD AT ANATOMY OK?! DON’T JUDGE ME. Last night, I dreamt I was in a giant domed IMAX theatre whose screen extended up to the top of the dome for 360 degrees. Unfortunately, the entirety of the film (about Touhou bullet patterns) was projected onto the top, and I felt an overwhelming surge of nausea and chest pain/pressure when I tried to look up. Eventually, I got a heart attack (or my perception of it) and died because I couldn’t even talk from the pressure.

Then I woke up. So I’ve got a fever. I’ll probably lie around in bed all day tomorrow and not hand in any of my assignments. Remember my post about summer lethargy? No, of course you don’t, nobody read that; but it wasn’t lethargy from summer I was suffering, it was another fever! I felt cold so I put on a jacket, but I was still cold after that, and when I took off my jacket, I was still cold. That was supposed to be more eloquent but what I mean is that this isn’t a cold and it’s a fever. Don’t ask me what the difference is.

So I’ve got a fever. Prepare for filler posts this entire weekend. But for now: a week in O-New, reviewed. Az posted both Episode 8 of Jormungand and Episode 9, so he’s got nothing more to write while I continue being sick for this weekend. I started two weekly projects this week: Musical Mondays (don’t expect music next Monday, I’m sick), and Vendredis de Vacances (don’t expect a vacation next Friday, I’m sick).

So I’ve got a fever. But that doesn’t stop redball from publishing the best guest post on O-New so far. That’s not saying much, but do give Hypocrisy in Sankarea a sanka-read. See what I did there? Probably not, but that’s because it’s not me that’s sick, it’s you. I’ve merely got a fever.

tl;dr: I get sick, click every link in this post, nobody cares, goodnight

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  1. I can probably write up something for Tsuritama or something like that if it’s really that bad.

    2012/06/10 at 05:17

  2. Hi.

    2012/06/10 at 10:39

  3. redball

    1) Thanks.
    2) I’m working on more stuff if you’ll have it.
    3) I finally figured out that the wordpress login lets you use a different display name, so I have one of those now.
    4) Rest and get lots of fluids.

    2012/06/11 at 19:45

  4. 1) You’re welcome.
    2) Anytime, man!
    3) I.. wait, what?
    4) Thanks.

    2012/06/12 at 06:41

  5. redball

    I didn’t sign up for WordPress because some crazy guy with a terrible backstory already took the username redball (http://redball.wordpress.com/). So I moped about it and didn’t create an account. Finally, I decided to create an account with a different name, and I did, but then I noticed that you can still have it display redball, even though your account name is something else. So, now I have a wordpress account and I am happy and if you want you could add me on as an author here and I could do the work to get whatever posts onto the site.

    2012/06/12 at 15:33

  6. Oh right! Half season reviews. We should write some of those up.

    2012/06/13 at 02:52

  7. Bye.

    2012/06/13 at 02:52