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Mushy here.

So yes, I’ve recovered from my fever, and thus I have stopped feverishly composing horrid puns. However, what I have done was solicitously exasperate a real-life friend and solicitously beg a fake-life friend to write for O-New. They might say otherwise, but believe me! I never tell lies! Really! Seriously! I’ll stop with these exclamation marks as soon as you acknowledge that this is facetious!

Without further ado: their self-introductions! It’s less lengthy than previous ones, but oh well, you know me, I make people do things they don’t want to do and they feel really sad afterwards

Hello everyone! I’m redball, and I’ll be writing stuff that’s mostly about anime. A little about me: I’m in my 30’s (making me a senior citizen in this community) and live in New Jersey with my wife and son. I work, parent, go to school, watch sports and anime, and apparently write about some or all of that.

You may have already read a few of my posts. I plan to write sporadic pieces about things I find interesting about anime, culture, and the anisphere. This means that I won’t likely be doing many episodics, but that’s okay because I don’t have the talent to make a recap interesting every week. I prefer editorials, or to write about a great episode or even a special moment within a show. I hope you enjoy reading.

o I’m the new guy on the blog.

I’ve never blogged before, so if I make a mess of things, please don’t hate me. Mushy asked me (in person, because he is, as he termed it, a “solicitous prick”) to write for this blog.

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is AdjectiveRecoil. I like guns, art, music, and linguistics. I’m friends with Mushy and AbsoluteZero. I hope you enjoy my posts (read: I hope I don’t suck).

There’s supposed to be a capital S at the beginning of the first line.
Fuck you, cut/paste.

29 responses

  1. Jay

    @AdjectiveRecoil: have you watched Upotte!!?
    @redball: Hi Sir!

    2012/06/15 at 07:48

  2. Oh-new bloggers…

    2012/06/15 at 08:36

  3. kluxorious

    fresh blood. Yum.

    2012/06/15 at 15:07

  4. of course az is the cutest though

    2012/06/15 at 16:03

  5. AdjectiveRecoil

    What’s Upotte?

    2012/06/15 at 19:28

  6. redball

    Something tells me this is true.

    2012/06/16 at 01:41

  7. redball

    Upotte is a brilliant work airing this season in which school girls are guns that shoot guns. Nonstop, gun-on-gun action. I hear it’s wonderful, so I’ve chosen to avoid it.

    2012/06/16 at 01:44

  8. Someone tells you this is false.

    2012/06/16 at 01:56

  9. Mm mmm. You should make a cupcake out of them.

    2012/06/16 at 01:56

  10. Kevin hates it.

    2012/06/16 at 01:57

  11. They’re just like you except they write posts!

    2012/06/16 at 01:57

  12. redball

    Well he’s cuter than I am, I’m quite sure of that.

    2012/06/16 at 01:59

  13. If I had scissors, I would also be cut-er than you.

    2012/06/16 at 02:04

  14. redball

    My little scissors can’t be this cut.

    2012/06/16 at 02:31

  15. But I write posts too… =_=

    2012/06/16 at 09:16

  16. On O-New!

    2012/06/16 at 17:38

  17. Wooooooooooooo! NEW BLOOD! Congrats on the new team up :D

    2012/06/16 at 19:56

  18. Hahaha thanks fosh! Eventually we will be as strong as METANORN and then nobody will want us to put sunglasses on every Mouretsu Pirates posts anymore :'(

    2012/06/16 at 23:24

  19. ONE DAY!!!

    2012/06/16 at 23:35

  20. is it the anisphere or the ani…ball?

    2012/06/17 at 05:19

  21. It’s actually officially the ‘aniblogopolygon’

    2012/06/17 at 05:21

  22. The timid turnip turning tepid towards the tea salver ('cause trays are less cool)

    Do I get a prize for this? Where is my prize? Is it in the mail? How did you get my address!? Stalking!? You stalkers disgust me.

    2012/06/18 at 04:11

  23. The timid turnip turning toast towards the tea salver ('cause trays are less cool)

    Also looks like it actually prefers to embed the video, so it removed the time code or whatever you wish to call it. I was specifically referring to 1:32.

    2012/06/18 at 04:13

  24. The timid turnip turning taste towards the tea salver ('cause trays are less cool)

    Your link is broken. I am superior to you in every way.
    (http://cache.ohinternet.com/images/2/24/I_see_what_you_did_there_super.jpg, btw)

    2012/06/19 at 01:28

  25. The timid turnip turning tasteless tapdances towards the tea salver ('cause trays are less cool)

    Also I just noticed that it would appear after you accepted it, the embedded video became effected by the time code (or whatever you wish to call it) once more. Oh the many mysteries of the Ohniyu.

    2012/06/19 at 01:31

  26. Nonono, see, when you put videos into comments, add &start=92s (or &start=0s, or &start=9001s, whatever) to the end of the URL and it starts properly. The only reason it works is because I’m so cool that I fixed it for you. You can start thanking me now B)

    2012/06/19 at 04:11

  27. The timid turnip turning tasteless topless tapdances towards the tea salver ('cause trays are less cool)

    I’m totally just going to make one comment this time. Now I forgot what I was going to say so I guess that makes it easy. Now I just have to change my name again. All praise the mightly magicks of the oghniewu.

    2012/06/19 at 22:02

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