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Mouretsu Pirates 24

Today, I will be having a good ol’ fashioned healthy friendly Skype chat with my good pal @NanoPulp. It may or may not be about Mouretsu Pirates, and I may or may not sound absolutely retarded. P.S. All these images are either a) ironic b) related to the discussion or c) dick jokes.

[10:29:49] NanoPulp: wait
[10:29:50] Mushyrulez: retsu
[10:30:00] NanoPulp: I CAN’T ENJOY IRONY?
[10:30:03] NanoPulp: BUT I LOVE IRONY
[10:30:04] NanoPulp: WHYYY
[10:30:09] NanoPulp: I LOVE IRONY
[10:30:10] Mushyrulez: I love irony too
[10:30:15] NanoPulp: ok great
[10:30:16] Mushyrulez: that’s why mouretsu pirates is a pretty darn good show
[10:30:18] NanoPulp: we love moeretsu
[10:30:19] NanoPulp: done
[10:30:22] NanoPulp: :3
[10:30:23] Mushyrulez: :(
[10:30:28] Mushyrulez: no, today I will explain to you why
[10:30:29] Mushyrulez: MOURETSU PIRATES
[10:30:32] Mushyrulez: is IRONIC and thus GOOD

Note: this picture is EYE-ronic because a skull’s eyes are already HOLES ha ha haaaaaaaa

[10:30:37] Mushyrulez: first of all mouretsu pirates sucks
[10:30:52] NanoPulp: uh yeah
[10:31:00] NanoPulp: wait
[10:31:10] NanoPulp: are you going to go through obvious points
[10:31:15] Mushyrulez: nope
[10:31:35] Mushyrulez: hmmm I’d usually create an argument that makes some sense but nah
[10:31:39] Mushyrulez: so first of all: look at marika
[10:31:46] NanoPulp: lol
[10:31:47] Mushyrulez: she’s like, a high school girl but she commands a PIRATE SHIP
[10:31:49] Mushyrulez: how is that even possible
[10:31:56] NanoPulp: space opera for kids
[10:32:04] Mushyrulez: I mean like she’s had a year of training
[10:32:08] Mushyrulez: and can’t even sing!!!! have you ever heard marika sing
[10:32:32] Mushyrulez: anyways see
[10:32:39] Mushyrulez: all of these crew members have trained to become pirates for like, decades
[10:32:53] Mushyrulez: and marika just becomes captain without any training and everyone respects and listens to her decisions?
[10:33:09] Mushyrulez: it’s obvious that she’s being secretly controlled by one of the crew members who will be revealed to be a zombie alien
[10:33:37] NanoPulp: uh no
[10:33:50] NanoPulp: space opera for kids
[10:34:02] Mushyrulez: wait you’ve watched up to episode… 25?
[10:34:06] NanoPulp: yes
[10:34:10] NanoPulp: no she cant sing
[10:34:17] NanoPulp: neither can pirates in general
[10:34:26] Mushyrulez: darn, you have more knowledge than me
[10:34:33] Mushyrulez: but anyways that proves that mouretsu pirates can’t be a…..
[10:34:35] Mushyrulez: …….space opera
[10:34:42] NanoPulp: its not a full space opera
[10:35:00] NanoPulp: its like, a space opera on… kiddy wheels
[10:35:06] NanoPulp: or trainer wheels or whatever
[10:35:25] Mushyrulez: but you saw all of the controversy and shadiness and action in episode 24 right
[10:35:33] Mushyrulez: there must be something deeper in mouretsu pirates than space opera for kids
[10:36:02] NanoPulp: that’s space opera’s essence you idiot
[10:36:30] Mushyrulez: mmmm ok then. here’s another angle
[10:36:34] Mushyrulez: you know all of the crew of the bentenmaru
[10:36:41] Mushyrulez: who never ever ever appear and seem to do nothing at all
[10:36:56] NanoPulp: SPACE OPERA FOR KIDS
[10:37:02] Mushyrulez: WAIT but can’t you see the IRONY behind it all
[10:37:20] NanoPulp: you should have expected that from the complete lack of adherence to pseudo sci fic tech
[10:37:26] NanoPulp: which irony
[10:37:28] NanoPulp: so many irony
[10:37:30] NanoPulp: irony
[10:37:31] Mushyrulez: see, the irony of uhhhhh
[10:37:33] NanoPulp: oh look irony
[10:37:37] Mushyrulez: ok maybe it’s not irony
[10:37:41] NanoPulp: oh look brony
[10:37:43] Mushyrulez: it’s a ~political message~
[10:37:48] Mushyrulez: about love and friendship and UNEMPLOYMENT
[10:37:50] NanoPulp: ok what message
[10:37:51] NanoPulp: what
[10:37:53] Mushyrulez: see marika is a schoolgirl right
[10:37:58] NanoPulp: ok this i must hear
[10:38:00] NanoPulp: tell meeee
[10:38:04] Mushyrulez: and she’s the CAPTAIN OF THE SHIP. and on the bridge she has like, six crew members
[10:38:08] Mushyrulez: and they do EVERY SINGLE THING
[10:38:16] Mushyrulez: meanwhile the bentenmaru has like seven hundred other crew members and they do nothing at all
[10:38:32] Mushyrulez: these are obviously LOAFERS who got a job of doing NOTHING
[10:38:33] NanoPulp: i think they feed themselves
[10:38:39] NanoPulp: THAT’S LIKE
[10:38:40] Mushyrulez: symbolizing the relationship between the government and homeless thieves
[10:38:54] Mushyrulez: :O
[10:38:59] Mushyrulez: WOW MOURETSU PIRATES IS SO DEEP
[10:39:10] NanoPulp: the basic idea is
[10:39:12] NanoPulp: oh wow
[10:39:20] NanoPulp: girl finds herself captain of a pirate ship
[10:39:25] NanoPulp: pirates so romantic
[10:39:28] NanoPulp: lol nope
[10:39:37] NanoPulp: so pirates are bloodthristy?
[10:39:38] NanoPulp: lol nope too
[10:39:48] NanoPulp: pirates are just another kind of jobbu
[10:39:50] NanoPulp: lol wut
[10:39:58] NanoPulp: but pirates used to be romantic
[10:40:01] Mushyrulez: hey that’s pretty realistic though for the future isn’t it
[10:40:02] NanoPulp: and bloodthirsty
[10:40:08] NanoPulp: SPACE OPERA FOR KIDS
[10:40:16] NanoPulp: so what happened?
[10:40:20] NanoPulp: we grew lazy
[10:40:22] NanoPulp: and phat
[10:40:26] NanoPulp: aww mannnn
[10:40:27] Mushyrulez: well there’s nothing to phight anymore really
[10:40:36] NanoPulp: BUT WAIT! someone is killing us pirates
[10:40:39] Mushyrulez: I mean the whole final boss is an experimental government weapon
[10:40:39] NanoPulp: :O! why!
[10:40:45] NanoPulp: cuz we lazy and phat
[10:40:54] NanoPulp: :l ok we fight
[10:40:56] NanoPulp: but
[10:40:57] NanoPulp: WE FIGHT
[10:41:03] NanoPulp: AVENGERS ASSEMBLE
[10:41:09] NanoPulp: or… PIRATESSSS PARTEEHHHHH
[10:41:10] Mushyrulez: if I had a microphone I would dub this
[10:41:23] NanoPulp: yeah i know
[10:41:35] NanoPulp: you’d do well to have podcasts with me
[10:41:43] NanoPulp: people love me when i babble about stuff
[10:41:46] Mushyrulez: pffffft podcasts
[10:41:52] NanoPulp: and still appear to know half of what im saying
[10:42:17] Mushyrulez: actually mouetsu pirates is a lot mroe realistic than say
[10:42:19] Mushyrulez: MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM AGE
[10:42:24] NanoPulp: yeah
[10:42:28] NanoPulp: that’s gundam
[10:42:35] NanoPulp: moeretsu is still like space opera
[10:42:41] NanoPulp: but… like, kiddified
[10:42:45] NanoPulp: and girlified
[10:42:48] NanoPulp: not that its bad
[10:42:53] NanoPulp: Grunhilde :*(
[10:43:09] Mushyrulez: the girlification is obviously irony as well
[10:43:16] NanoPulp: and risk intergalactic incident
[10:43:17] Mushyrulez: oh wow did I just say girlification
[10:43:26] NanoPulp: :D

This image is related to this discussion because Chiaki is girly and tsundere

[10:43:49] Mushyrulez: ok now think back to episode 24
[10:43:55] NanoPulp: what happened in 24
[10:43:57] NanoPulp: i forgat
[10:43:58] Mushyrulez: which was the last episode I watched and you can spoil me about episode 25 now if you want
[10:44:00] Mushyrulez: basically
[10:44:04] NanoPulp: CHIAKI IS MOE
[10:44:06] NanoPulp: AS FUCK
[10:44:09] NanoPulp: AND SO TSUN
[10:44:14] Mushyrulez: hmmmmmmm
[10:44:16] Mushyrulez: that seems quite ironic
[10:44:20] NanoPulp: SO TSUNNNNN
[10:44:22] NanoPulp: why
[10:44:23] NanoPulp: dude
[10:44:29] NanoPulp: is ironic like a buzzword
[10:44:31] Mushyrulez: because normally tsun girls are not moe because they’re only moe when dere
[10:44:32] NanoPulp: everything is… ironic
[10:44:39] NanoPulp: what lies
[10:44:40] Mushyrulez: mouretsu HIPSTERATES
[10:44:54] Mushyrulez: hPIsteRATES
[10:44:55] NanoPulp: tsun girls are moe because you get a glimpse of the dere
[10:44:58] NanoPulp: A GLIMPSE
[10:45:07] NanoPulp: the whole point to a success of a tsundere
[10:45:21] NanoPulp: is how much more tsun can she make us tolerate
[10:45:29] NanoPulp: for the minimal tsun
[10:45:34] NanoPulp: i mean dere
[10:45:35] Mushyrulez: the whole concept of a tsundere is ironic then
[10:45:47] Mushyrulez: you want the dere so you like the tsun
[10:45:47] NanoPulp: the ratio of dere to tsun is like, the potential
[10:45:56] NanoPulp: alpha succession
[10:46:13] NanoPulp: you feel alpha as fuck if you take the highest diff
[10:46:22] NanoPulp: not because of more loot (ok mabe)
[10:46:28] NanoPulp: but because i’m alpha as fuck
[10:46:38] Mushyrulez: pffft
[10:46:38] NanoPulp: thats why people want to play diablo inferno
[10:46:45] NanoPulp: NOT BECAUSE DIABLO IS FUN
[10:46:56] NanoPulp: geez
[10:47:02] NanoPulp: you so inexperience man
[10:47:06] Mushyrulez: ohhhh sorta like why I watch mouretsu pirates
[10:47:11] NanoPulp: i guess
[10:47:22] NanoPulp: although its more of… hipster cred
[10:47:41] NanoPulp: like, you dont feel as good saying “oh i watch narutoe/bleach/one piace”
[10:47:56] Mushyrulez: yeah, I meant that ~ironically~, which is ironic because I ironically watch mouretsu pirates because it’s ironic and makes me feel more hipster and much much much much less alpha
[10:48:01] NanoPulp: then telling people “oh i watch fate/zeroes” and the people are like :O wat
[10:48:07] Mushyrulez: twat O:
[10:48:13] Mushyrulez: fate/zero ended right
[10:48:19] NanoPulp: just ended
[10:48:19] Mushyrulez: did you watch it yet
[10:48:23] NanoPulp: i read the novel
[10:48:34] NanoPulp: before it was even announced for anime
[10:48:36] Mushyrulez: in moonrunes?
[10:48:42] NanoPulp: ALPHA HIPSTER AS FUCK
[10:48:44] NanoPulp: no chinese lol
[10:48:47] Mushyrulez: lame
[10:48:51] NanoPulp: :l
[10:48:56] NanoPulp: i cant moonrunes
[10:48:59] Mushyrulez: who even reads in -pffft- chinese
[10:49:03] Mushyrulez: oh right
[10:49:03] NanoPulp: chinese people
[10:49:04] Mushyrulez: YOU
[10:49:10] NanoPulp: yes, me
[10:49:20] NanoPulp: DO YOU READ IN CANADIESE?
[10:49:25] Mushyrulez: …….no
[10:49:50] Mushyrulez: I read in CANAGDGLISH
[10:49:56] Mushyrulez: you can’t even PRONOUNCE that gdg thing
[10:50:04] Mushyrulez: but we can because of our superior enunciation abilities, eh
[10:50:25] NanoPulp: ca-nag’d-glish
[10:50:29] NanoPulp: …
[10:50:29] NanoPulp: :l
[10:50:30] Mushyrulez: see
[10:50:42] NanoPulp: yeah i see the neg’d
[10:50:46] NanoPulp: nag’d
[10:50:46] NanoPulp: lol
[10:50:49] NanoPulp: nag’d
[10:51:05] NanoPulp: welcome to canada
[10:51:05] Mushyrulez: gegdgdgegnegdngegd
[10:51:08] Mushyrulez: goodgdgdgday
[10:51:14] NanoPulp: we ca-nag’d
[10:51:34] NanoPulp: how do canadian parents discipline their kids?
[10:51:39] NanoPulp: they nag’d at them
[10:51:41] NanoPulp: : O
[10:51:43] Mushyrulez: O :
[10:51:45] NanoPulp: bah tum dishhhhhhh
[10:51:50] Mushyrulez: /facepalm
[10:51:56] NanoPulp: anyway

This image is a dick joke because this is why you shouldn’t assault a woman; your penis will be dragged out of a hole. ha ha haaaaaaa-ok that was actually pretty offensive I apologize

[10:51:58] Mushyrulez: OK ANYWAYS BACK TO MOURETSU PIRATES: this is my final point, my pièce d’résistance
[10:52:02] NanoPulp: ok
[10:52:07] Mushyrulez: the GRAVITY
[10:52:10] Mushyrulez: of the situation
[10:52:13] NanoPulp: yeah
[10:52:15] NanoPulp: oh
[10:52:16] Mushyrulez: I mean of the ship
[10:52:18] NanoPulp: situation
[10:52:31] NanoPulp: i though like, the amazing antigravity of the ships lol
[10:52:38] Mushyrulez: lol that part made no sense
[10:52:47] NanoPulp: ok you explain first
[10:52:55] Mushyrulez: alright so I know that the ships have a gravity on/off switch
[10:53:03] NanoPulp: uh huh
[10:53:05] Mushyrulez: but why would they even use it
[10:53:13] Mushyrulez: I mean, isn’t everything more efficient without gravity
[10:53:14] NanoPulp: combat
[10:53:17] NanoPulp: no
[10:53:29] NanoPulp: humans cannot live in zero-gee for anything more than a week
[10:53:33] NanoPulp: we need the orientation
[10:53:42] Mushyrulez: tell that to the ISS folks
[10:53:51] NanoPulp: THEY KEEP COMING DOWN
[10:53:55] NanoPulp: and do you know
[10:54:07] NanoPulp: they have to be buff as fuck before they can go up?
[10:54:10] Mushyrulez: “Valeri Polyakov, launched 8 January 1994 (Soyuz TM-18), stayed at Mir for 437.7 days,[1][2] during which he orbited the Earth about 7,075 times and traveled 300,765,000 km (186,887,000 mi), returning 22 March 1995 (Soyuz TM-20).”
[10:54:15] Mushyrulez: sure it’s wikipedia but
[10:54:18] NanoPulp: and they return skinny as shit
[10:54:32] NanoPulp: yeah
[10:54:32] Mushyrulez: but I mean how long do the people in mouretsu pirates stay up? like what
[10:54:33] Mushyrulez: a week
[10:54:38] NanoPulp: no lol
[10:54:40] Mushyrulez: not a year and three months
[10:54:46] NanoPulp: i think they stay there forever
[10:54:55] Mushyrulez: :|
[10:55:03] NanoPulp: unless quarantine
[10:55:06] NanoPulp: or shore leave
[10:55:09] NanoPulp: mannnn
[10:55:10] Mushyrulez: hmmm ok yeah that makes sense then
[10:55:15] NanoPulp: you really suck at scifi
[10:55:21] Mushyrulez: V:
[10:55:22] Mushyrulez: no shit
[10:55:24] NanoPulp: but i want to laugh at the gravity of the ship
[10:55:29] NanoPulp: not internal
[10:55:37] NanoPulp: but the absolute control of momentum and crap
[10:55:42] Mushyrulez: OH MY GOD I JUST HAD A REVELATION
[10:55:46] NanoPulp: yeah?
[10:55:50] Mushyrulez: y’know how there are androids in mouretsu pirates
[10:55:54] NanoPulp: yeah
[10:55:56] Mushyrulez: I was always wondering why I never saw any of them, ever
[10:55:58] Mushyrulez: and then I realized:
[10:56:03] Mushyrulez: ARE ANDRIODS
[10:56:05] Mushyrulez: androids
[10:56:09] Mushyrulez: are iphones
[10:56:09] NanoPulp: lolwut
[10:56:16] Mushyrulez: you know those people who never do anything
[10:56:21] NanoPulp: WHO TOLD YOU THAT
[10:56:22] Mushyrulez: they’re on there just to be like, automatic combat robots or shit
[10:56:25] Mushyrulez: MY MOM
[10:56:28] NanoPulp: well
[10:56:29] Mushyrulez: ok not my mom
[10:56:30] Mushyrulez: my dad
[10:56:34] NanoPulp: lol
[10:56:46] NanoPulp: nice evasion from my harsh words
[10:56:49] NanoPulp: no, they arent
[10:56:55] Mushyrulez: o:
[10:57:04] NanoPulp: rmb, the region this space opera is in
[10:57:14] NanoPulp: is technically a technological backwater
[10:57:22] Mushyrulez: yeah
[10:57:24] NanoPulp: even cyborgs are rare
[10:57:35] NanoPulp: androids will be harder to manufact
[10:57:50] NanoPulp: IF YOU WATCHED EP 25
[10:57:56] Mushyrulez: which I didn’t ;-;
[10:58:10] NanoPulp: the Luca android was a CUSTOM MADE FROM THE GALATIC EMPIREEEEEE
[10:58:19] Mushyrulez: THE GALACTIC EMPIREEEEEEEEEEE?!?!?!
[10:58:24] NanoPulp: meaning the alpha elites are pulling out their fun toyz
[10:58:37] Mushyrulez: no but if you remember EPISODE ONE
[10:58:41] Mushyrulez: actually go on
[10:58:50] NanoPulp: the manpower from the Stellar Kingdom region, is… well, man power
[10:58:52] NanoPulp: lol
[10:59:28] NanoPulp: ok dats all
[10:59:35] NanoPulp: anymore stupids to show me?

This image is a dick joke because the Barbalusa is obviously a reference to his dick

[10:59:52] Mushyrulez: yes: in episode one, CANE/KANE/McKAIN is all like
[11:00:02] Mushyrulez: ‘aw man this lamp house shit is so ANACHRONISTIC. there’s like no androids anywhere what losers’
[11:00:12] NanoPulp: yeah
[11:00:22] Mushyrulez: which obviously hints that the sea of the mtneohunahkqrjchka,sn.tua has androids in most of their shops
[11:00:30] NanoPulp: i think he was like talking about the ENTIRE PLANET LOL
[11:00:35] Mushyrulez: AWWWWWWWWWWWWW
[11:00:37] Mushyrulez: you got me there
[11:00:45] NanoPulp: anyway
[11:00:47] NanoPulp: spoiler
[11:00:50] NanoPulp: but kane has a twin
[11:01:02] NanoPulp: and both of them have gone to the galatic side befoe
[11:01:05] NanoPulp: before
[11:01:12] NanoPulp: how to spell galactic
[11:01:16] NanoPulp: oh wait
[11:01:31] NanoPulp: got it
[11:01:42] Mushyrulez: galaxy + tic
[11:01:48] Mushyrulez: galaxygdgtic
[11:01:49] NanoPulp: galaxitic?
[11:01:55] NanoPulp: : O
[11:01:57] Mushyrulez: that’s the american way
[11:01:59] Mushyrulez: O S
[11:02:01] Mushyrulez: O :
[11:02:06] NanoPulp: AVP
[11:02:11] NanoPulp: is the irony
[11:02:15] NanoPulp: not moeretsu
[11:02:24] Mushyrulez: AVP?
[11:02:34] NanoPulp: moeretsu is kinda of the hard and fast intro to how to handle sci fi and space opera
[11:02:43] NanoPulp: basically
[11:03:27] Mushyrulez: seems legit
[11:03:37] NanoPulp: air door
[11:03:41] NanoPulp: because space opera
[11:03:44] Mushyrulez: door air
[11:03:45] NanoPulp: HEY HEY LET US IN
[11:03:47] Mushyrulez: is in SPACE?
[11:03:50] NanoPulp: OPEN THE AIR DOOR
[11:03:56] NanoPulp: OR WAS IT THE SPACE DOOR
[11:04:04] Mushyrulez: the earth door
[11:04:06] NanoPulp: duh it depends on which side you on
[11:04:07] NanoPulp: no
[11:04:17] NanoPulp: earth door is in your momma ok
[11:04:23] Mushyrulez: did you know: humans can survive like half a minute in space
[11:04:28] Mushyrulez: and then they die
[11:04:32] NanoPulp: they boil
[11:04:35] NanoPulp: alive
[11:04:49] Mushyrulez: some guy was out in space for like 20 seconds
[11:05:01] Mushyrulez: and then they hauled him back into the air door and he was fune
[11:05:03] Mushyrulez: fine, even
[11:05:05] NanoPulp: the near absolute lack of pressure means the boiling point of liquids will be lowered by crazy
[11:05:31] NanoPulp: and there is still the latent time of vapourisation
[11:05:38] NanoPulp: why they throw him out lol
[11:05:43] NanoPulp: he naughty?
[11:05:46] Mushyrulez: it’s not as fast as 20 seconds though so he was fine
[11:05:53] Mushyrulez: I have no idea honestly
[11:05:57] Mushyrulez: PROBABLY an accident
[11:06:00] NanoPulp: lol
[11:06:04] Mushyrulez: but it might have been ancient chinese space torture
[11:06:05] NanoPulp: with no suit?
[11:06:07] NanoPulp: hard ok
[11:06:13] NanoPulp: so many safeguards
[11:06:14] Mushyrulez: maybe he opened an airlock
[11:06:21] NanoPulp: THERE ARE LIKE, SO MANY DOORS
[11:06:23] Mushyrulez: maybe his suit ripped open
[11:06:29] Mushyrulez: while in ~space~
[11:06:30] NanoPulp: oh maybe
[11:06:34] NanoPulp: but thats ok
[11:06:47] NanoPulp: cuz suits are designed to compartmentise parts of body
[11:06:56] NanoPulp: like oh my leg is leaking
[11:07:08] NanoPulp: foam leaks out to fill up the leg area
[11:07:18] NanoPulp: and you become full retard at moving lol
[11:07:26] NanoPulp: so you just float until someone helps out
[11:07:51] Mushyrulez: hmm I think what might’ve happened was
[11:08:06] Mushyrulez: somebody was testing in a no-pressure environment on earth
[11:08:14] Mushyrulez: and accidentally depressurized his suit
[11:08:28] NanoPulp: i found the file wait
[11:09:46] NanoPulp: On 14 Dec 1966, a NASA spacesuit technician spent circa 20 seconds in
vacuum when a suit hose failed in a vacuum-chamber test. He lost
consciousness after 12-15 seconds, but regained it when the chamber was
repressurized. Not only did he survive, but he appears to have suffered
no substantial injury, and he had only the most minor symptoms afterward.
See the Roth report for details.
[11:09:58] Mushyrulez: mmm yeah
[11:10:09] Mushyrulez: wait I have a relevant article here too

This image is relevant because NanoPulp is paid for having ‘fun’ with his clients, just like Marika

[11:10:21] NanoPulp: ANYWAY
[11:10:23] NanoPulp: IT IS 2AM
[11:10:28] NanoPulp: AND I MUST WAKE AT 6AM
[11:10:33] NanoPulp: THAT MEANS 4 HOURS
[11:10:46] NanoPulp: I WILL NOT GIVE
[11:10:48] NanoPulp: GOODNIGHT
[11:10:50] Mushyrulez: lol you and your sing a poor timeones
[11:10:52] Mushyrulez: GOODNIGHT
[11:11:02] Mushyrulez: p.s. I will be posting this entire conversation IN FULL on your mom’s face
[11:11:04] NanoPulp: yeah we sing a poor daily
[11:11:11] NanoPulp: :c
[11:11:21] NanoPulp: will i get paid
[11:11:30] Mushyrulez: no
[11:11:31] Mushyrulez: wait
[11:11:32] Mushyrulez: two minutes
[11:11:34] NanoPulp: :c
[11:12:24] Mushyrulez: one minute
[11:12:37] NanoPulp: wait what
[11:12:39] Mushyrulez: ok never mind
[11:12:41] Mushyrulez: don’t wait
[11:12:41] Mushyrulez: goodnight
[11:12:43] Mushyrulez: goodbye forever
[11:12:44] NanoPulp: WHAT
[11:12:46] NanoPulp: WHAT
[11:12:47] Mushyrulez: my googling powers are not strong enough
[11:12:48] NanoPulp: WHAT
[11:12:50] NanoPulp: TELL ME
[11:12:52] Mushyrulez: MY GOOGLING
[11:12:52] NanoPulp: OK I’LL WAIT
[11:12:53] Mushyrulez: POWERS
[11:12:55] NanoPulp: IM SO NICE
[11:12:56] Mushyrulez: are not STRONGDGDGDG ENOUGH
[11:13:03] Mushyrulez: no seriously go to sleep I’m not even going to bother finding it anymore
[11:13:05] Mushyrulez: I give up easily
[11:13:08] NanoPulp: wow
[11:13:11] NanoPulp: you suxk
[11:13:26] NanoPulp: are canadian girls generally pretty?
[11:13:32] Mushyrulez: canadian girls look like your mom
[11:13:43] Mushyrulez: :o is your mom canadagdgdgdgdgian?
[11:13:46] NanoPulp: my mom is asian
[11:13:47] NanoPulp: :l
[11:13:54] NanoPulp: wow
[11:13:59] Mushyrulez: canadian girls look like asians
[11:14:03] NanoPulp: so all canadian girls generally look asian
[11:14:05] NanoPulp: amaze
[11:14:12] NanoPulp: SO NICE
[11:14:14] Mushyrulez: at least where I live
[11:14:25] NanoPulp: if you live in chinatown it doesnt count ok
[11:14:29] Mushyrulez: GO TO SLEEP
[11:14:32] Mushyrulez: I have a post to paste
[11:14:38] NanoPulp: im so sad
[11:14:45] NanoPulp: i dunwanna go to school
[11:14:47] Mushyrulez: I can’t wait to add non sequitur screenshots
[11:14:56] Mushyrulez: hahahahaha schooooooooooool that was over for us canadgdgdgdgdians last last week
[11:14:56] NanoPulp: all your moeretsu talks make me emoz
[11:15:00] Mushyrulez: orz
[11:15:05] NanoPulp: cuz you so stoopid
[11:15:19] NanoPulp: i feel like, my intelligence is all alone in dis cold sad world
[11:15:27] NanoPulp: oh your break just started?
[11:15:32] NanoPulp: my break just ended
[11:15:34] NanoPulp: lol
[11:15:36] Mushyrulez: pfffffft
[11:15:39] NanoPulp: i dunwant it to end
[11:15:40] Mushyrulez: weird singaporean schedules
[11:15:43] NanoPulp: :c
[11:15:47] Mushyrulez: how long was it
[11:15:51] NanoPulp: three weeks
[11:16:02] NanoPulp: cuz it was mid semester break
[11:16:04] Mushyrulez: ohhh yeah
[11:16:09] NanoPulp: semester breaks are six
[11:16:22] Mushyrulez: you have what two semesters a year? three?
[11:16:25] NanoPulp: two
[11:16:47] Mushyrulez: GO TO SLEEP so that you can make good impressions on your prof
[11:16:52] NanoPulp: i dun have to
[11:16:59] Mushyrulez: by impressions I mean stepping on his face with your foot and leaving an impression
[11:17:01] Mushyrulez: make sure it’s good
[11:17:04] NanoPulp: im so alpha clever i skip classes
[11:17:07] NanoPulp: lol
[11:17:08] Mushyrulez: :o so alpha
[11:17:24] NanoPulp: because i’m zeta dumb at projects
[11:17:25] Mushyrulez: I need some way of conveying to people that what I’m saying is ironic
[11:17:25] NanoPulp: so lazy
[11:17:34] NanoPulp: type /me irony
[11:17:42] Mushyrulez: how about this whenever I don’t capitalize anything or add punctuation it’s ironic
[11:17:47] Mushyrulez: /me irony is too obvious
[11:17:59] NanoPulp: what if your shift breaks
[11:18:03] Mushyrulez: This will require that I type in IMPECCABLE SPELGINGG AND GRAMAR to make that work.
[11:18:07] NanoPulp: what if caps is illegal
[11:18:13] NanoPulp: wow
[11:18:16] Mushyrulez: pffffft that’s like saying money is illegal
[11:18:16] NanoPulp: gramar
[11:18:24] NanoPulp: money is illegal
[11:18:30] Mushyrulez: dayum
[11:18:32] NanoPulp: its a crime against the cosmos
[11:18:33] Mushyrulez: fallout sucks
[11:18:43] NanoPulp: bottlecaps my buttcrack
[11:18:58] Mushyrulez: crackbottle your buttcaps
[11:19:08] Mushyrulez: what is this even about
[11:19:10] NanoPulp: so emo now
[11:19:12] NanoPulp: emo
[11:19:12] Mushyrulez: I am concluding this post
[11:19:20] Mushyrulez: thank you for talking with me today mr. emo loser
[11:19:34] Mushyrulez: I hope nobody ever reads this post
[11:19:36] NanoPulp: :c
[11:19:46] NanoPulp: im not loser ;_;
[11:19:48] Mushyrulez: כ:
[11:19:50] NanoPulp: why u dislike me
[11:19:57] Mushyrulez: mr. alpha emo loser
[11:20:09] NanoPulp: y u dislike me
[11:20:11] NanoPulp: y
[11:20:13] NanoPulp: y
[11:20:13] NanoPulp: y
[11:20:13] NanoPulp: y
[11:20:13] NanoPulp: y
[11:20:14] NanoPulp: y
[11:20:14] NanoPulp: y
[11:20:14] NanoPulp: y
[11:20:14] NanoPulp: y
[11:20:15] NanoPulp: yy
[11:20:15] NanoPulp: y
[11:20:15] NanoPulp: y

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