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Amateur Fractal Artwork

I first heard of fractals when I was in sixth grade. Fractals being a relatively complex concept for grade six, my math teacher didn’t linger on it for too long, but afterwards, I did some research. That was when I discovered fractal artwork. I was immediately transfixed by the beauty that could be produced by pure mathematics. Of course, I didn’t understand any of it, and for the most part, I still don’t. I have a vague conception of what fractals are: infinitely repeating patterns. You might not think that this would make for good artwork, but it does. I’ve collected lots of fractal art pieces over the years, but have only recently begun making my own. I started experimenting with Apophysis, a fractal generator, about two months ago. Here is some of my art.

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  1. Seems pretty minimalist.

    Fractals are a pretty simple concept (of a shape with self-similarity) that even grade 6s can understand, but the mathematics behind it are too complex until college/university level. I wouldn’t even worry about their mathematical definitions at all because even when you do understand it, it doesn’t make them more or less beautiful.

    (Or maybe it does, but you know me, I don’t math.)

    2012/06/24 at 00:52

  2. yes you do you hipster

    2012/06/24 at 04:02

  3. or at least

    you should more often

    2012/06/24 at 04:02

  4. The manly morning pandering panda who sleeps soundly in the green grass.

    Math makes everything more beautiful. Also I like your blog’s new subheading, for it gave me a joyous chortle. Perhaps I should start making beautiful fractal art and stop making crappy animoos.

    2012/06/24 at 15:29

  5. The manly morning pandering panda who sleeps sadly in the green grass.

    (you also might want to consider making the name of the poster more noticeable so I don’t address the wrong person like an ass-clown).

    2012/06/24 at 15:31

  6. sorry, that’s humanly impossible with this theme. don’t worry though, when I die and become inhuman I’ll change it

    2012/06/24 at 20:37

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