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Ore no Kouhai ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai 10

Kyousuke's scars of battle (and puberty).

Is Kyousuke blushing? Is he recovering from the scars of battle… or puberty? Is his acne untreatable? Are my mspaint-editing skills absurdly bad? Tune in on the next episode of ‘this post where I talk about nothing because this chapter talks about nothing’ on the only blog with posts that talk about nothing, O-New~!

Why is ore no kouhai such a terrible manga? Well…

  1. I don’t like it. One of the criteria for manga to be not terrible, or not be terrible, or possibly even be mediocre (i.e. not too bad) is that I must like it. Why? Because all manga is subjective except for everything, that is to say, all manga can be objectively looked at. This objective angle of looking-at also happens to be the exact angle your mom’s legs make when your dad does things to her at night, and I happen to be situated at thusly an angle. That is to say, in layman’s terms, i.e. EVERYBODY’S OPINIONS ARE SUBJECTIVE EXCEPT MINE, which are completely objective and unbiased. P.S. K-On is awesome
  2. A demonstration of quality manga drawing skills.

  3. The art looks bad. One of the criteria for manga to be good, or goodly be, or even possibly be not mediocre (i.e. not not too good) is that the art must look good. We have already established that my opinions are entirely objective, and Akagi’s ass changes its curvature every panel. The only person who canonically can change ass/boob-sizes is ZUN and he sucks at drawing. NEXT
  4. There’s too much drama. One of the criteria for manga to be horrible, or beat to horrid bowl, or evenly possible be horror (i.e. ARGH IT’S A SNAKE) is that there must not be too much drama. Drama is great when imbibed in moderation, but drama sucks when you’re an antisocial eighth grader who tried to enroll for cooking class and got art instead. I’m just bitter because I never signed up for drama (nor singed up for choir or cooking. the pun makes sense if you pronounce singed ‘sssssthing-d’ for choir and ‘ssssssINNNNNNNN-j-d’ for cooking) when I hadn’t the chance to.

tl;dr: I’m mad because I don’t understand this face

A grotesque disgusting alien masquerading as a common fujoshi.
of course, SIDNET

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