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O-New: Weekend Review

July is just around the corner. No, I don’t mean ‘in a week’ or ‘in two days’, I mean in approximately one hour it will be July in London. And now that’s a problem for us here at O-New because things happen on July, including Canada Day, Flare’s Birthday, and a whole host of other things which rhyme with Day including OlĂ©, Nikkei, Essay, and Weigh. Yes, those four items do add up to O-NEW which is the topic of our discussion today: another weekend review.

What do we have this week? Well, AbsoluteZero255 reposted a Frivolous Verbosities post about his recent visit to ~SCIENCE WORLD~ (yes, that is a place) on O-New so that I wouldn’t have to write a disgusting post about feet. Instead, I wrote a disgustingly offensive essay about the role titles play in convincing you to read a post. The post title? READ THIS FUCKING POST (yes, that is a title).

A completely unrelated sunset picture.

Anime-wise, I hit up a nice chat (read: shouting festival) with @NanoPulp about how Mouretsu Pirates is completely ironic. I may have failed to persuade him, but that doesn’t stop me from spreading my ~sunglasses~ propaganda. Mouretsu Pirates’s last episode already aired and I’ll be covering that as soon as I finish celebrating Canada Day by eating this free celebratory cake. Did I mention that it was free?

Non-anime-wise (i.e., anime unwise), I write about Ore no Kouhai like an asshole in a desperate attempt to garner more views. Why? Because we need more views. Why? Because we need more subscribers. Why? Because otherwise, I’d have more YouTube subscribers for my feet videos (don’t click that link!) than O-New subscribers for this extremely intellectual discussion we are currently engaged in.

A chart showing how Brazilians really really hate my feet videos.

Would somebody like to explain to me this anomaly? Apparently, 87% of my dislikes are from Brazil, and some guy/some people decided to dislike 23 of my videos in one day (and a similar amount in another day). Now, I’m not a guy who compulsively checks his WordPress/YouTube view statistics -BEEEP BEEEP FRAUD DETECTION WARNING WHIRRRRRRRRR BEEP BEEP- but just a note that if I made a video that could only be seen in Brazil, and 1000 people saw it, I’d have approximately 440 dislikes.

…Alright. That’s a bit depressing, but y’know, honestly, who /likes/ foot videos anyways? Thankfully, YouTube has some better, non-depressing news up: UPLOAD DEFAULTS!! In other words, I can upload all these Czerny videos without manually typing the description and tags out every time!! Wooohoo~!

In further Google-related news… iGoogle will not be available after November 1, 2013. My first reaction was ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING, iGOOGLE IS THE ONLY TAB I NEVER CLOSE ON CHROME AND IT HAS ALL OF MY PRECIOUS DATA AND APPLICATIONS! GOOGLE SUCKS I HATE MY BROTHER WHEN HE COMES BACK FROM WORKING FOR GOOGLE I’LL THROW HIM INTO A WELL OFF THE COAST OF FINLAND!’ My second reaction was realizing that the only three applications I have on iGoogle were Gmail Tasks, Gmail, and Gmail Chat. Then, I realized that the Gmail tab takes up less memory than iGoogle. So… uh…

…moral of the story: I’m an idiot

P.S. Stop trying to copy Apple, Google, ‘iGoogle’ is a stupid name for a thing and the Chrome App Store is completely useless. Who even uses that

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