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CANADA DAY and Flare’s Birthday

Hey everybody. Guess what day it is.

THAT’S RIGHT, it’s CANADA DAY, the 145th ANNIVERSARY of the DAY that CANADA became a country under the British Empire! It also happens to be several months after the 30th ANNIVERSARY of the DAY that CANADA didn’t have to ask the British Parliament every single time we wanted to change the constitution! OK, I admit, the latter sounds less impressive but until then Canada wasn’t really a sovereign state! Now, we still sorta belong to the Commonwealth but we can do whatever we want!

Similarly, O-New can do whatever we want as well: except we CAN’T because only I can do whatever I want, and I’m an egotistical bastard that won’t let you guys do whatever you want.

As recompense, let’s all wish Flare a not-too-sad birthday in his little country of Bulgaria while the rest of CANADA celebrates and drinks maple syrup by the gallon.

P.S. It’s actually not his birthday in Canada yet. Bulgaria is just ahead of Canada in time, but you know what they say, the slower the country, the faster the… uh… I don’t know what they say.

BUT WAIT! That’s not all! Did you expect this post to only be about CANADA DAY and Flare’s Birthday? No! It’s about something else that also rhymes with day: O-New’s posting schedule…ay. Schedulay. SchedulĂ©?

Since it is now officially SUMMER VACATION (because, Spanish shock, it’s JULY THE FIRST!!!)… O-New will be blogging…


We’ll be blogging two posts on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and one post on every other day. Why? Because we have so much crap to say (and so many more people to say it)! Why? Because we want to lose subscribers who don’t want to see so much crap in their mailbox. Why? Because we posted twice a day last last summer and that was a great fiasco! Why? I… don’t know…

P.P.S. It’s actually summer vacation in Canada already. Canada is just ahead of summer in time, but you know what they say, summer vacation’s only as long as you want it to be. Uh… that’s not what they say.

6 responses

  1. redball

    Haha: “we” will be posting 10 times a week. Translation: Mushy will be posting 7-8 times a week.

    2012/07/02 at 01:08

  2. Naww, it’s gonna be 6 – 7 times a week. I miss writing a post every day >_>

    2012/07/02 at 04:28

  3. Do tou even lift bro

    2012/07/03 at 14:46

  4. I dot

    2012/07/03 at 15:55

  5. HAAAPPPY CAAANAADAADA DAY! Go blow something up

    2012/07/04 at 06:08

  6. No, that’s reserved for the 4th of Jul-WAAAAAAAAIT A MINUTE

    2012/07/04 at 06:23