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Gangsta 14

METANORN beat psgels in the aniblog tourney?!

In this post, we will talk about: the Aniblog Tourney, the Antiblog Tourney, the Ant-Blog Tourney, the Aniblog Tore-Knee, the Aniblog Tour (NE), An Eye Blog Tourney, An Eyeball Tourney, and other related concepts. Also: Gangsta.

First, about the Aniblog Tourney. psgels lost by 13 votes, and Guardian_Enzo did likewise. That would seem like a lot if each had ~60 votes overall (like some matches in Round 1), but when psgels has 715 votes… that’s a 0.45% difference in votes. Not 45%; ZERO POINT FOUR FIVE.

The tournament can hardly assess whether a blog is ‘better’, more popular, or even more-liked by voters. Why? Because statistical distribution is always unpredictable. Do I sound like I’m pulling shit out of my ass yet? Well, that’s because I have post-writing constipation and I desperately need to shit out some shit, that shit being the statement that true voting should occur with five polls, each going up for a variable amount on a randomly disclosed time within the span of two weeks simply because that would make everything more boring/annoying and we’d get to irritate more people.

Doug cries over losing all his O-New money over a stupid bet.

Well, that was boring. On to Gangsta.

In this chapter, the government wants to kill Twilights but they can’t because that’d be politically incorrect. Turns out the Corsica family is killing Twilights instead, ‘of their own volition’ (hah, fat chance). Some insane person butchers Twilight bodies while they’re still alive, but the Corsica family’s composed only of non-Twilights (i.e. Normals; hah, fat chance). Doug and Nicolas make up because Doug doesn’t have any animosity towards Nicolas.

Eh, Worrick’s ‘THE PAST… ACHES… LIKE A STAR!!’ reminded me of Aegis in the Dark’s ‘THE ARM… BURNS… LIKE SOMETHING THAT’S ON FIRE!!’ Which really makes me wonder if people who’ve lost limbs/organs/their car keys underneath the refrigerator actually feel pain when they remember that their wife needs a ride to the dance in two minutes and their car keys are still underneath the refrigerator. Probably not, but y’know tropes, they do things…

Get out of here, creeper!
O-New’s attitude towards its (nonexistant) readerbase.

The whole Twilight-hunting thing also reminded me of old witch hunts (no really? why would it remind me of that), in that the sheer power/numbers of Normals will always defeat a minority of powerful people. Even Sparta’s 300 (actually, ~7000) fell. Even though one-on-one (or even ten-on-one), a Twilight will prevail, nobody can stop the entire force of the government, the police, the military… the power of human-built institutions is impressive (as opposed to beaver-built institutions).

Still, the girls in this manga are psychotic, seriously. And I’m not being sexist because you only really see one psycho guy, but there are so many crazy girls. By ‘so many’ I mean ‘two’, so I guess it’s not really a lot BUT STILL. THIS IS AN OBVIOUS REMARK THAT I FEEL OBLIGED TO MAKE BECAUSE I RUN A BLOG AND THE POINT OF EPISODIC BLOGS IS TO WRITE OBVIOUS REMARKS

One final note: it seems that many Twilights were hired by mercenary gangs before Ergastulum was created. Is Ergastulum’s creation a good thing? On one hand, it stops Twilights from procreating out in the real world and makes sure that nobody else out there has to do with them, but on the other hand, Ergastulum is a literal ghetto now… why doesn’t the government move in and improve this cesspool of indignity? This isn’t set in World War II, and it’s probably better for public safety if Ergastulum became an actual, y’know, good city.

Oh well. All this tough thinking is making me faint. Time to watch mindless moeblob anime so that my brain cells can continue to rot away

Nina faints after reading such a stupid article.

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