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パラダイム (TV Size) Transcription

Is that what you guys see there! A KOKORO CONNECT OP piano transcription? With sheet music?!

BY MADOKA, IT IS!! Wow!!! Amazing!!!! I should really start watching the anime I’m going to blog this season now instead of transcribing random OPs! …really

You might notice that there are too many articulations in the sheet music. Sorry, I just went full-out on that one for no reason whatsoever. Feel free to ignore most of them (I ignored most of them in my performance of it)…

Also: I really don’t know what to do about bar 10. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t get the right chord (or even the right notes) down. Everything I play in different keys sound the same to me; sigh, here’s one of those times where I wish I had perfect pitch…

…or good friends! Thankfully, I happen to have one of those two things, and 77katsumoto expertly fills in bar 10’s chords and melody. Unfortunately, I’m not doing a retake of this, so the video still sounds weird; however, you guys’ll have sheet music that’s actually, y’know, accurate! A big thanks to katsumoto for this.

So. Uh. Yeah.

Why’d I decide to transcribe this? Well, I haven’t transcribed anything for literally a year and three months (this doesn’t mean much since this is my third transcription to date, woohoo), and since the season just started, I figured, why not attempt a speed transcription?

I don’t think パラダイム (paradigm), by eufonius was released prior to the full episode one airing of Kokoro Connect (not even appearing in the pre-air iirc), and its official release date is next week, so it’ll be pretty funny when people notice that this transcription was posted before the actual song was. Anyways, I rushed to finish the transcription and the recording by Wednesday (that’s in the future, by the way, because I didn’t have a post for Monday, and this is it), and here we are.

Unfortunately, that rush means that there are many mistakes in my performance (glaring ones are my missing a note at 0:45 and 1:15), and the camera’s accidentally zoomed in, which I didn’t realize until after I finished recording. At that point, it was late, I didn’t want to wake up the neighbours, and I just really couldn’t be arsed to go through another retake, so… sorry about that.

Thankfully, the song is relatively simple. It’s a lot like my Destin Histoire transcription; you have a simple (and catchy!) melody line and a slightly pulsating left hand that actually needs more skill to execute than the right. The syncopation totally tripped me up for a couple of hours before I understood its rhythm, though.

Concluding notes: I finally figured out how to type in Japanese in Finale; all you need is a different font that supports Japanese (e.g. MS Mincho)! Sure, it may not look very much like the Western font you’re using, but hey, Japanese characters don’t look very much like Western ones anyways! Here’s the Finale file in question (if you want to make any modifications to it), and here’s a .mid file if you want to hear how the computer plays this transcription.

Till next time~!

9 responses

  1. what is it with those moonrunes

    2012/07/12 at 23:55

  2. moonrunes? where

    2012/07/12 at 23:56

  3. that weird stuff that means ‘paradigm’ oh my god what are you doing

    2012/07/12 at 23:57

  4. It actually means ‘para-DIME’, which is like a dime but NOT REALLY

    2012/07/13 at 00:04

  5. I know what you should put on bar 10! I will write it and send to you in about 11 hours from now (today will be a busy day).

    2012/07/14 at 16:51

  6. I have sent it!

    2012/07/14 at 20:32

  7. Ahhh, you should upload it on MediaFire instead, next time (I don’t think it needs registration and you don’t have to put things in a .rar file)!

    Anyways, I put that entire thing in. Not sure where to credit you, so I’ll just throw that up on the post. When I looked at that passage, I just kept thinking that the last note of bar 10 would go /up/ to bar 11’s notes, not down. You’re really good at identifying chords, too… (my entire strategy for transcribing is to listen to the same measure again and again and again until the notes I put down sound something like the original ._.)


    2012/07/15 at 04:07

  8. You are welcome! No credits needed, and I kind of used a .rar file on purpose, hehe. But I will think about going from 4shared to MediaFire!

    Hahaha, my strategy is pretty much the same, but I have used it soo many times that some patterns became less irrecognizable. Despite that, once again, I must say that I am not sure if my perception of Bar 10 is 100% accurate…it’s really a very challenging section! (If only we could listen to many different recordings of that song…).

    Anyway, I will try my best to help as much as possible whenever I can!

    2012/07/15 at 19:10

  9. Yeah, I tried using .mp3 transcription software but… well, you know what those things’ll do :P

    2012/07/15 at 20:11