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Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita 2

Clearly, I can’t blog more than one series episodically. I didn’t spend any time working on this post from this episode’s release up until two days later.

Actually that’s horrible reasoning but I can say that I spent, like, all of last night watching Radiohead concerts and not working on this post at all. I also need to do stuff in the rest of my life oh my god.

Anyway, enough about my



and on with my thoughts on this episode.

What I can say is that the first episode just flowed very naturally into the second episode. There couldn’t be a better transition. Also, by itself it’s a great comedic episode, exhibiting a great plethora of witty, unexpected humour.

Man, I absolutely love this hair, it’s so pretty. I also love it because it’s become one of my favourite characters. I just want to stroke it because it’s so cute. Even if it wasn’t attached to the lovable MC. What am I even talking about? The hair is probably the driving force and main mystery of this episode by doing those extremely cool deus ex machina moments that I really liked. Normally I don’t like deus ex machina but the placement here was just pure golden. Ace storytelling.

Wow, I love the skinned chickens so much. Those guys are the coolest cats around. Way to stick it to the man, taking over the world from the ultra-oppressive humans and fairies. I was secretly rooting for them since episode one and I really want them to make a comeback and win.

In all honesty, though, they’re pretty stupid because they got fooled by a kid’s camera. The kid also happens to be a factory of depressing kid’s stories.

Wow, this is probably the story of all the bloggers of O-NEW, namely how redball gets frustrated with us and kills the entire blog. I also know that Mushy and Jesus are planning to assassinate me.

Anyway, I love this weird meta-humour. The content itself is depressing but its placement is comedic gold. Something that depressing has never made me laugh that hard.

I love the fairies. I wish I was a fairy so that Ms. Mediator can rub my belly with her finger. It would make me feel good inside. Also I’d love to be as cute as the fairies are. Just look at how cute they are they are so cute.

I absolutely loved this. This is probably my favourite bit of humour ever, except everything from my show also are my favourite bits of humour. This just provides the extra bit of meta needed to make my entire day.

I’m sorry if this wan’t a good enough analysis ugh

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