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You Say Tuesdays

Don’t worry. This isn’t an actual post. I’m just scrambling to rewrite old posts that haven’t been written yet, and here’s something you guys don’t have to read.

It’s time for another weekly segment.

Every Tuesday from now on will have a brief (or, maybe not-so-brief) post about some debatable topic. As we’re not experts here (nor are we excessively opinionated), we’ll turn to you, the nonexistent viewership, for the actual discussion. We’ll just provide the topics. Yep, as opposed to I Say Wednesdays (hint: pronounce it ‘essay’), it’s now time to roll out You Say Tuesdays.

“But Mushyrulez,” nobody will ask, “That’s a fucking horrible idea!”

Please enlighten me about how in any way it is horrible, Mr. Nobody.

“Alright. Firstly, you suck at writing brief posts, and everything you write is boring, bombastic, biased, bigoted, and plain ol’ bad!”

I commend your alliteration skills. However, I must retort that… uh… never mind. Continue.

“Secondly, the topics you choose for discussion are going to be stupid, and you’re probably going to burn out from frustration three weeks into this charade!”

You have a point there.

“Finally, my name is not Mr. Nobody! I’m a figment of your imagination, and everything that’s a figment of your imagination is female! In fact, I’m Ms. Nobody! Furthermore, the plural of ‘Tuesday’ is ‘Tuesdaies’, not ‘Tuesdays’! Is the plural of ‘fly’ ‘flys’ or ‘flies’?”

OBJECTION. The plural of a noun ending in -y only ends in -ies if a consonant immediately precedes it, except for exceptions such as ‘standbys’!

“Well, ‘Tuesdaies’ is also an exception, just like ‘sundaes’, the plural of ‘sundae’. REGARDLESS, you are a fucking loser for talking to yourself simply because nobody reads this blog!” [/emperorj]

So? It’s Tuesday. What do you guys think?

Am I a loser or not?

8 responses

  1. Yes, you are.

    2012/07/30 at 00:39

  2. should I reconnect to skype/twitter

    2012/07/30 at 00:42

  3. maybe just to skype so we can talk about how I’m going to smash you in brawl for my birthday

    2012/07/30 at 01:08

  4. I played some brawl with hourai and his brother once and got owned so badly I cried for days afterwards

    2012/07/30 at 01:21

  5. hourai’s coming too

    2012/07/30 at 01:47

  6. did he not reply all

    2012/07/30 at 01:49

  7. he just talked to me on gmail im, beary605 said he wants to as well

    so does ian

    2012/07/30 at 01:50

  8. sounds like an o-new party except that beary fellow, keep on declining my requests

    2012/07/30 at 01:53