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Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II 1 [Impressions]


You may wonder, “Who is this impudent upstart, that may tarnish my enjoyment of the veritable masterpiece that is Horizon like so with his blasphemous postings?” This question is no doubt fuelled by the actions of certain individuals engaged in a shallow mockery of Horizon’s sheer depth and encapsulation.

Wonder no more, for my relation to Horizon extends further than any. With extensive posts on all 13 episodes of Horizon’s previous season, I am as seasoned a blogger as you can get.

Thus, I offer a perspective on Horizon unique in the ‘sphere, in that I treat the subject material with genuine respect and dignity, but also provide insightful gazes into the depth of Horizon’s soul. My knowledge of this topic is expansive and spans many hours of original research.

In the following series of posts, I will explore various diverse topics ranging from the Olympics to Guilty Crown, and their inevitable relations to Horizon’s innate culture. A related group, the Classiest Anime, was formed by neophytes to indoctrinate and proselytize recruits from the larger community; however, that is not my goal. My quest is for understanding. Your reward will be enrichment of your viewing experience.

You are welcome.

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