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What I Write Posts For

Once upon a land, in a time far, far ago, some guy asked me, “What the fuck are you doing you fucking retard? This fucking blog fucking sucks fucking dicks! Why the fuck do you even care so much about your fucking shit-ass site you fucking retard? Nobody even reads your fucking blog. Who the fuck are you trying to write for anyways? Go drown in a fucking well off the coast of Fucking, Austria!”

I may be paraphrasing, but this did cause me to have a revelation. After all, what’s the point of publishing a post every day for the past two (soon to be three) years when a) nobody reads them b) I don’t have fun writing the posts c) see (psst that was a pun)? I mean, shit, the last six anime I watched were complete and trite tripe, and those six serious are seriesly the only anime I have watched for the past nine months.

That’s the state of this blog’s degeneration! I don’t even watch anime anymore!

So, something’s obviously wrong.

After waking up at 8am this morning only to realize the full impact of reality, I admit I was extremely hostile but instead of mass tweeting philosophy, I took a long walk in a nature preserve near my place. I sat next to a stream for a good hour thinking about everything. I came back at around 11 and after a few minutes to myself, I decided to write this post.

I write posts because it’s fun.

I write posts to entertain.

Enough of this episodic crap. I’m not going to continue writing this worthless drivel about my personal interpretations of Mouretsu Pirates’s geopolitical ramifications, nor about the inner conspiracy to create a clone of Madoka in Black Rock Shooter (replete with filled-in star symbol). I’m going to write bad Sword Art Online fapfics and NOBODY CAN STOP ME



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  1. I know that feeling. Keep up the good work. You don’t need an excuse to do what you enjoy.

    Besides, i don’t even like anime myself. I just blog for all the groupie anime bitches it gets me.

    2012/07/19 at 00:09

  2. Awww yeah, all those groupie anime bitches

    2012/07/19 at 00:26

  3. No one wants to stop you because of all the glopping. I have an idea for an editorial now :)

    2012/07/19 at 04:33

  4. You can be a guest writer for O-New!

    2012/07/19 at 04:46

  5. Austria doesn’t have a coast, f—–g or otherwise. It used too but that’s now known as Sloveniacroatiabosniaherzegoveniamontenegro.

    I don’t watch an anime just because it’s an anime for the very same reason I don’t watch a movie just because it’s a movie. 90% of everything is krap. That goes double for anime. Therefore 180% of anime is krap. That’s why one should be VERY selective in the anime one watches. I have only two narrow shelves of anime in my vid collection. If I bought every anime I’ve seen or kept every one I bought the shelf space for it would be at LEAST triple. I am aghast (As well as ghastly.) at photos of anime only collections that dwarf the shelf space of my entire vid collection.

    I don’t watch all that much anime either, but when I do … It’s Dos Equis.

    Stay thirsty my friend.

    2012/07/19 at 08:33

  6. Fapfiction. That reeled me in. And not because I was fapping either. Probably. I can’t remember the last time I really watched an anime; the desire comes and goes. Honestly, even really good anime doesn’t interest me anymore. I go through series sometimes in the background while talking to people, or writing things on my blogtastic blog. It’s really just there. I wish there was some natural river around here not filled with chemical waste that I could think beside.

    2012/07/19 at 12:15

  7. Was that person by any chance, me?

    2012/07/19 at 15:04

  8. Didn’t you hear the news? Austria is secretly Russia in disguise! They just found out yesterday.

    I watch anime because 180% of it is crap, and so the 100% that is crap is 1.8 times better than normal crap. Which is pretty crappy, but I have constipation and you didn’t need to know that.

    2012/07/19 at 16:24


    2012/07/19 at 16:25

  10. Your problem was believing in the existence of the mythical beast known as ‘good anime’. :o

    P.S. I didn’t actually sit next to that stream

    2012/07/19 at 16:31

  11. No. I didn’t need to know that!

    I don’t have constipation often, but when I do … It’s Dos Equis.

    Don’t explode my friend.

    2012/07/19 at 17:37

  12. Obviously you should go down to the stream more often and stream anime on your stream-top-computer.

    I was going to think of a clever name but before I knew it my comment was in the title section. I’ve recently decided I should watch at least 6 episodes of anime a day until the end of Summer. So basically I might finish a few episodes before school starts.

    2012/07/20 at 00:29

  13. I’ve recently decided I should watch anime. So basically I might start streaming one episode before school starts but then my computer will crash and I won’t actually watch the show :(

    2012/07/20 at 01:25

  14. Obviously you should go down to the stream more often and stream anime on your stream-top-computer.

    Class is overrated, you should watch during. You never really learn anything in school anyways.

    2012/07/20 at 02:05


    2012/07/20 at 04:11

  16. Obviously you should go down to the stream more often and stream anime on your steam-roller-top-computer.

    You won’t even need to keep doing Insanity if you bring it with your for the commute.

    2012/07/21 at 00:57