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Rewriting History

For the first time in six months, I’ve finally gone back to the gold mine of bad post ideas: my Gmail tasks notes.

Did you need to know that for me to write this post? Did I need to write that to write this post? Do these sentences aid your comprehension, or add to this post’s quality?

No, they don’t.

And yet, I still continue, alike Polonius with his brevity and wit.

I’ll confess something to you guys: I’ve lied. For a long time. On my bed. Every night. Sleeping. OK, yeah, maybe short sentences are too dramatic; anyways, my parents severely disapprove of video gaming, but I’ve been doing that since before I was 8. (I know this because going through my oooooold drawings the other day, I found a drawing of a MapleStory mushroom from when I was 8, so…)

To get away from their constant nagging, I lied to them. “Did you play computer games today, Mushy?” *alt-tab* “N-no…?” I would run back home during lunch break at school to play games, simultaneously eating lunch at my computer desk. This gaming habit stretched on until just over a year ago, when I quit gaming for good. Because I want to be a meteorologist a neckbeard weeaboo loser! (The sad thing is, since I didn’t have any consoles and never got into the taste of playing ‘good’ games, all I played were flash games…)

I found myself lying to my parents more than I told the truth to them. Just like how one highlights more positives in an anime the worse it is (and criticizes more heatedly the better it is), I began to constantly assert my sincerity whenever I uttered a truth that anyone contested. Soon, even without external influences, I insisted upon my veracity with persistent, even irritating intensity. (I got over the lying part, though. I joke with my parents about how much I used to lie all the time now. OR ARE THOSE LIES?! (They aren’t.))

And here we are now, with the stupid abomination known as Rewrite History. What’s the point? Why do I need to make it seem like I wrote a post every day for the past two-and-a-half years? Normal people just post, but I have to say, “Hey, I actually posted this before 0:00!”, or “I actually transcribed this x months ago, but only posted it now!”, or “I actually didn’t watch the episode of this anime before!”

HAH. Points. Reasons. Meanings.

Here at O-New, we just post.

And although I’ll do my best to stop padding posts (such as this) with irrelevant remarks, I’ll keep the tag, and the posting restrictions, and the esoteric remarks to Shakespeare I learned from Googling (Hint: Polonius is the most verbose and witless character in Hamlet. Yes, I have not read Hamlet. Yes, adding that reference did not aid comprehension whatsoever).

Because this is O-New.

My O-New.

tl;dr: megalomania: the excessive love of sharks

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  1. Nah, O-NEW belongs to all of us.

    2012/07/30 at 02:14

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    2012/07/30 at 02:57

  3. just look at the banner.

    2012/07/30 at 07:19

  4. dammit

    2012/07/30 at 16:10