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Organ Music

I’m currently in Philadelphia, staying at my uncles’ place. They have a pipe organ. They both play it. It’s pretty damn awesome. And so, I have discovered organ music. Here. Have a Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor (probably the most famous organ piece there is).

3 responses

  1. When I play organ music, I find that the spleen yields the best sound, but the liver is also pretty good.

    2012/07/22 at 17:45

  2. Is it true that organists have to read 3 staves at the same time? =O

    2012/07/23 at 18:29

  3. AdjectiveRecoil

    Yes. Two for the hands, as on other keyboard instruments, plus one for the feet.

    2012/07/24 at 00:52