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Parallel 5ths

Oh hey, another Musical Monday!

Remember last Musical Monday, when I posted about Stephen Chatman’s Ginger Snaps? Neither do I! Here’s another composition that features parallel fifths like there’s no tomorrow. What’s it called?

Parallel 5ths.

About half a year ago, Michael Wyatt uploaded a video of his latest composition, Parallel Fifths. As it was for solo piano, and I had a piano (and a solo, which is like a sofa but lower), I jumped for the occasion to record such a rebellious piece.

By ‘jumped’, I mean ‘promptly forgot about’, until last week, Michael uploaded a new video for the first time in half a year. Then, I remembered that, wait, I was going to play this piece for him!

…And so now I did.

I also decided to play Ginger Snaps only after seeing its resemblance to Parallel 5ths, with its, uh, parallel fifths, lack of Classical key structure, and all that jazz (and by jazz, I mean neo-Classicism. I don’t even know what neo-Classicism is! I heard that compositions in the style of neo-Classicism are labelled as being neo-classy, though).

I screwed up on numerous occasions (the most salient being the beginning of the syncopated right/left hands), and I couldn’t perform the ‘hot mess’ section skilfully enough, so I substituted the right hand notes in that part with the ending motives. I don’t know if anybody’ll notice, though…

…yeah. In other news, YouTube now lets me schedule videos. I have no idea why they wouldn’t just let everybody schedule videos in the first place, instead of waiting until after this layout update to. I also have no idea why people would want to schedule a video. I also have no idea why I schedule/rewrite posts on O-New. I also don’t know where the ‘Edit Video’ button on videos went.


3 responses

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  2. I usually don’t like these gimmicky songs that form a melody to fit a concept instead of fitting the concept to facilitate a melody, but this was actually pretty nice. Well done. Also, Bulbasaur.

    2012/07/27 at 00:39

  3. the concept is pretty malleable here, so I think he could really do whatever he wanted even around such a gimmick, which is why it sounds pretty nice.

    2012/07/27 at 01:06