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Yuru Yuri ♪♪ 02


“And now, a joke! A man fell into a pool of lemonade completely unscathed. How come?… Cause lemonade’s a soft drink! Oh wait these are oranges haha!”



“Made in Chinatsu?… Oh is that where they manufacture your hair?”

The TOOTERs are back for another this post is late “Let’s bore the audience with Trivial Pursuit: The Game” except this isn’t as fun nor does it make any sense. Yui finishes her homework while Kyouko tries her best to rock paper SCISSORS?!?! copy it to no success. The rest of the TOOTers arrive for Old Maid and a side of nicknaming, but things get interesting only when the better half of the show (Ayano, Chitose, Himawari, Sakurako) appear. A loose snake prowls the student council room searching for the Sorcerer’s Stone THAT’S PHILOSOPHER’S STONE IN THE UK!!!, and it’s Sakurako’s job to capture it. She bonks her head twice DOS VAY-SES (That’s “TWO TIMES” in SPANISH and also a slightly awkward way of spelling Vase in English…. also a slightly awkward way of spelling “TWO TIMES” in Spanish #BADUMPSH) while doing so. Long story short, Kyouko gets sick and this episode sucked. The End.

“Y’know my first job was at an orange juice factory, but I got canned cause I couldn’t concentrate.” – “Concentrate? Don’t you mean… DEFLATE?!?!”


“Haha those are actually tangerines haha”


Since there’s not much to discuss this episode, I’ll take the opportunity to review the OP and ED.


I don’t like it. #BADUMPSH It could be bias on my part, but I find it hard not to compare season OPs with one another (Haruhi Suzumiya’s S1/S2 come to mind). As such, I won’t compare them; I’ll rate this OP on its own merit, and we’ll start with the good: IT’S CUTE!! Yuru Yuri is in no short supply of cuteness, and though that may sound trivial and obvious, I’ll still award points for it. Now the bad: I see a growing trend of dumb metronomic Japanese animated loops, and I admit some are attractive in an oddly annoying way and others just hit the mark. Yuru Yuri hits no such mark.

It’s probably not a culture issue either. Just who in their right mind would mechanize their arms/fingers like that? Where does this perpetual energy come from?! It’s hard to believe anyone would find pointing their fingers left to right in a dull, uninspiring manner “cute”. It could be a yuri thing but I don’t want to offend anyone here… It’s a problem I find with most Japanese animation in that most characters carry no “weight”, but maybe we’ll discuss that another time (we won’t #BADUMPSH). Also, I can’t help but cringe during that uncanny running sequence. It looks like they’re running away from a green-screen or something #BADUMPSH! GUH!!! It’s just so awkward! I like Kyouko’s air guitar but that doesn’t help anything as a whole. Oh wait, the song? Yeah, the song is death. This OP is one I’d gladly skip. F-


I don’t like it. #BADUMPSH EDIT: Wait, I think I do #BADUMPSH. The “AHHH YU HAWWWPEEE-DUuuUUU YU HAWWWWPEE?!” is slightly catchy, but the rest just kills it (in the actual non-positive way, not the ghetto “AWW SHIT DAWG DATS WATSUP!!” manner)… specifically the chorus. And is it just me or do Japs love killing songs with out-of-place choruses? (Nothing seems to fit at all!)… If you listen to “ARE YOU HAAAWWWPPEEE DUUUuuU YU HAAAHHH PEEE?!?” and immediately switch to the chorus, you’d think “Wait, is this the same song?” It is but it isn’t… IT’S ART!!! #BADUMPSH

Speaking of art: Visually, it’s stunning! It’s as if a Community College Graphic Arts Student just discovered livetrace! #BADUMPSH (and I mean that in a good way). It’s heartwarming, sets a good pace/mood, and I much prefer it to the OP. Actually, I’d rather this were the OP and the other was shot 9 times (non-positive manner) with… Middle School Feces… Yeah… I didn’t like how they blocked Furutani’s Upper Lip… I give it a solid C- (Also one more thing about the OP: I hate how it acts all grand at the beginning with its show curtains (theater curtains?!) and then leave us in disappoint. Yuru Yuri, SHAME ON YOU!!! THAT’S DISHONEST DESIGN!!! #BADUMPSH)


HOLY CRAP IT SUCKED but I really liked that Visual Vase Gag with Sakurako. To illustrate: a vase falls on Sakurako’s head but takes a full second to collapse into tiny pieces. GOLD!!! Such… ASYMETRICALLITY!!! Yes! Yes! #scribble #scribble #writesthisdown More anime should take advantage of its medium! Also, why do they keep doing that whole “Cutting-Off-Akari-Before-She-Says-Yuri-Yuri” thing at the beginning? Y’know, the whole “YuruYuri, Hajimaru-*CUTOFF*? That’s been overplayed since last season… AND IT’S STILL NOT FUNNY (although the first few times were)… Overall, this episode gets a 5.7 out of 100.

5.7 / 100


“but… does that mean we can’t go to Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?”

“First off, you’re a piece of shit and no one will ever RT your posts. Second, yeah, I guess we can’t go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.”

“But how do we return Chinatsu’s wig back to the Dark Lord and get a full refund for Made in Chinatsu Anime Cosplay accessories from J-List!” – “Yeah how do we return my wi-“

. . . . .


“Sorry I couldn’t go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry I was too busy buying Steam games and not blogging also mandarins haha.”

“Damn gurl, you look a mess…”

. . . . . .

“and that’s coming from me.”


“Haha these are actually bananas painted orange haha.” – “… I’m surprised you didn’t add another tasteless Made in China joke.” – “Naw we’ll save that for episode 7 haha.”



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