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Trainin’ in the Mountains

So, I took a few days’ break from twitter/skype/IRC to rewrite a couple of posts and maybe start going through some anime.

And what did I learn?

…nothing much. I lost a lot of wait, though. That is to say, I don’t have to wait for anybody to write a post anymore because I am officially the most-behind-on-anime blogger on O-New ;w;

I write 95% of my posts in one sitting. I’m sure all of you reading do too: a burst of inspiration comes, and bam: five hundred words in half an hour. You also know what happens without inspiration, when you can barely edge out three paragraphs after an hour of pondering.

Of course, there are also different forms of inspiration. An inspiration based on concept, such as this Sword Art Online 2 post, or an inspiration based on episode notes and a loose semblance of tone, such as this Sword Art Online 3 post.

It’s obvious which one is better.

You guys know me. I proofread all of my posts – three weeks after they’re published. The quality of my posts are among the lowest in the ‘sphere. So, while writing up the latest bout of rewritten posts, I’ve realized that writing an anime post that I like has nothing to do with impressions, or reactions, or speculations. A good anime post has a solid concept. Is this my entry for the latest meta-blogging carnival? No, because judging from site readership alone, more successful blogs generally focus on the nitty-gritty of each episode.

But hey, if I wanted popularity, I wouldn’t write on an anime blog. So, in future posts, I’ll try my best to stop shitting out the minutiae of my instinctual reactions to each episode (that’s for Twitter, the great land of poopooing). No, concepts are where they’re all at.

It’s a revolution in blogging! And nobody will recognize me after this, ever again.

P.S. this sounds like what I might bullshit for an English essay

P.P.S. I had four years of bullshitting practice from writing reflections in elementary school, alright, I’m a de facto professional


P.P.P.P.S. Expect the summer first impressions out in a week or five

3 responses

  1. hi

    did you notice

    that this was ANGEL BEATS BY DR DRE

    the first anime you blogged

    this is a revolutionary

    2012/08/04 at 06:13

  2. yeah had to go through my archives to catch those shots

    2012/08/04 at 17:49

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