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Lately, I’ve been reading various anime posts, despite having not experienced this season other than the masterpiece that is Something Acutely Obese. That is to say, I read posts about anime I’ve not watched.

For me, reading anime posts is more entertaining than watching the anime in question. This may speak to a) my questionable sanity b) how humanity is declining c) how hume-anime is declining or d) the appeal of captivating posts.

And so, a question to none of you readers out there. What’s your favourite part of anime blogging?

Is it broadcasting to the whole world your terrible taste in anime?

Is it reading the mundane splatter of amateur episode summaries?

Is it aggrandizing the juvenile drama-fests that are Twitter and ‘meta-posts’?

Is it participating in collaborative activities with friends?

Is it diversifying to ‘catch ’em all’ by recording podcasts and catching Metapods?

Is it attaining awareness of assorted academic areas through auxiliary articles apropos of such?

Is it satirizing others’ grammatical errors as recreation?

Is it immersing yourself through videos in the multifaceted domain of two-dimensional moè girls (in brief: actually watching anime)?

The last ranks poorly in my list; indeed, I only despise podcasts and Pokémon more than raw anime consumption. Is this cause enough to supplant with another anime’s place? Is anime consumption merely a prerequisite for full entertainment? Is this (cleverly named) META post going to receive more comments than any other by a factor of five? Judging by the rate O-New’s stats are falling (we should hit 0 hits/day in approximately… two days), I daresay no. You can read a parody without knowledge of its source. You can read an anime post without experience thereof.

And I can stop talking like a retard as well as change this stupid Hakase banner

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  1. What’s your favourite part of anime blogging?

    None of your options fit my criteria. My answer (AND SUBSEQUENTLY, A QUESTION TO) would be:

    Is it making yourself seem smarter so other people can pretend to say nice things about you so you can pretend to be happy all the while doing your best to butcher anime/language/manga/this planet and every other nice thing out there?

    Note the lack of commas. They help with the butchering.

    And I can stop talking like a retard as well as change this stupid Hakase banner

    I don’t know if the former is possible, but I’d be very careful about the latter. I hear one of your employees really likes that Hakase person.

    2012/08/08 at 00:19

  2. AIotI

    My favorite part of anime blogging is reading anime blog.

    My sanity is declining.

    2012/08/08 at 01:25

  3. as long as it’s not o-new you’re fine

    2012/08/08 at 07:20

  4. I’ll tackle your points case-by-case like a true editorial blogger.

    A) I don’t know how to make blockquotes and thus I will make fun of your ability to do so

    B) You never gave us any criteria in the first place! A question to what?

    C) Very good.

    D) I like butchering toothbrushes.

    E) More than three.

    F) It’s not the banner that’s stupid, it’s Hakase that’s stupid

    G) That guy must be a lolicon creep

    2012/08/08 at 07:22

  5. People like anime blogging?

    2012/08/08 at 20:29

  6. i’ll be honest here your blog is one of the top ten blogs I ever read

    2012/08/08 at 22:58

  7. After all these years of travelling I have finally found my home. In a text box.

    Main reason I come is to find new series that are good. Other than some people I follow for other reasons that also post anime reviews and such, this is probably the only “aniblog” that I go to. Funny enough, most of what I have gotten out of here was from your old manga posts, which don’t seem to happen anymore. :/
    Found ones like Dr. Frost from this blog.

    2012/08/09 at 04:28

  8. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah re: manga, I haven’t read any for like three months by now probably.

    DO NOT WORRY. after my exams are over, manga posts in FULL BLOW also: apparently az might want to switch to manga blogging instead of anime blogging maybe possibly. [/o-new gossip]

    2012/08/09 at 04:52

  9. Q1:What’s your favourite part of anime blogging?

    A: Making people laugh at my terrible puns and jokes! Also screen cap comments are my favorite parts <3

    Q2: Is it diversifying to ‘catch ‘em all’ by recording podcasts and catching Metapods?

    A: Depends on your tastes I guess and if you have the time to listen to people ramble about anime, but I suppose if you are a "fan" of a certain writer and you want to hear them talk about anime then by all means go for it! I know Metanorn has a podcast we are up to 20ish "episodes" of stuffs out there. I think podcasts are better with multiple people versus solo where you just talk about what you hate and liked about the series you follow…these can be found all over Youtube, but to each their own I suppose also you could try being a guest on a few pods and see how it goes xD

    Q3: Is it satirizing others’ grammatical errors as recreation?

    A: I don't really mind this because I know my grammar can be horrible at times…yeah…anyway I like when someone finds something so I can learn from my errors lolol

    Nice post~

    2012/08/09 at 07:05

  10. yeaaaaaah I could tell your answer from a mile away

    unfortunately those other questions were yes/no ones from a list :'( thanks for your input

    2012/08/09 at 17:38

  11. redball

    When I write about anime it is normally because I’m trying to contribute to the community. I watch, I get an idea, and I write a post. I hope it will somehow lead to conversation or at least be useful to someone. Though some things I write about (classy things) are more about the challenge than anything else.

    I like the Hakase banner. I’m not a big Hakase fan, but I don’t dislike her. More importantly, I like having a banner on the site. If you have better ideas you should act on them or let me know so I might.

    2012/08/09 at 21:18

  12. After all these years of travelling I have finally found my home. In a taxt box.

    I tend to read manga in spurts. Basically I just buy a ton and it will sit there for months without me touching it, and then suddenly I will blaze through it like a holy fire of heavenly wrath through dry hay bails. So I guess in the end I still don’t read it.

    2012/08/09 at 23:22


    No worries xD

    2012/08/10 at 03:33

  14. I know you wrote bails, but ‘dry hay balls’ is going to be my next favourite expression

    2012/08/10 at 04:30

  15. Oh, conversation-starting is certainly an interesting one, since it’s really wanting to interact with friends (or their ideas). As for the banner, ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa

    2012/08/10 at 06:38

  16. My favourite part of anime blogging is glasses! This is also related as to how you can fix that stupid header/banner/banana…

    2012/08/15 at 20:11

  17. you are right. we must insert the bananas INTO the glasses

    2012/08/15 at 23:06