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The Red Brick Road

[Diction guideline: read stanzas three and four like you’re shouting. Whisper final stanza. At your own discretion, preface words in ALL CAPS with choice expletives. Bonus points if the rhythm stays somewhat intact.]

The sun sets low; the end draws near,
With hurried steps and panicked air.
The race’s long, the prize: my queen,
With fiery heart, yet eyes on dream.

A stumble ‘cross a scarlet rock,
Tripping down, a BLOODY SHOCK.
The trees now dyed cerise, not green.
Rose-coloured shades, a CRIMSON scene.

The floods of souls don’t STOP, don’t wait;
Searching for love; DRIVEN by hate.
Can the ocean beat this PASSAGE clean?
Or would rather the SEAS incarnadine?

The lustful pack flies far ahead,
Abandoning us to ROT undead.
These FERAL beings, ANIMALS demean’d;
MOTHERFUCKERS hunt like BEASTS obscene.

Soon seeing red, when to the side,
I saw a trail less travelled by,
Branch’d from the road called humanity,
The road which few desire to leave.

The sun falls down; the end’s here.
I’ve found my way.

Goodbye, my dear.

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