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Steins;Gate: Boukan no Rebellion 14


Not Suzuha and Rintarou, not Suzuha and Kayano, but about SUZUHA’S MAGICAL ADVENTURES IN STONED HIPPIE DISCOLAND (a.k.a. the 70s). Maybe 70s Japan had fewer hippies, but the Zeitgeist is still there. IT’S THE FEELING THAT COUNTS


Gone is the golden age of anime. Gone is the explosion of the Japanese auto industry. Gone is the unprecedented Japanese growth that pushed them into becoming the second-largest economy in the world.

What do we get as compensation? Backstory (read: rape)!

A textual approximation of this picture would be @_@

Because a free world means oppression! An oppressed world means freedom! If you oppress all the people who would oppress people, then nobody will oppress anybody! Except yourself! The joys of doublethink are myriad.

To be fair, Kayano’s arguments are pretty damn solid. Even Suzuha could only ignore the debate and focus on saving Nae. That’s why, y’know, people want world peace. And freedom. Steins;Gate provides a false dichotomy in which we must choose between the two—it’s pretty thought-provoking, but it’s nothing people haven’t done before. I’ll bet 70% of fictional dystopic utopias have an oppressed but peaceful society.

The whole rape insanity doesn’t really add anything except degrade Kayano as a character. Her ‘only believing in peace because mental breakdown’ shtick fallaciously destroys her arguments in our eyes, and we end up rooting for Suzuha to liberate the world. And disco.

Except not disco CAUSE THEY’RE NOT GOING TO THE SEVENTIES christ dig a rock

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