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Gangsta 15


Once there were two little boys sitting in a mansion. The first one says, “Pass the soap!” The second on says, “So moe, radio.”

It’s a pun because there are radios in the flashback and they are moe.

Gangsta’s storytelling is always awesome. If this became an anime (and as long as it’s not cancelled, I’m sure of it), the production company would only need to follow the original chapters’ scripts to a tee. Even the narration, which some people so vehemently despise, is rendered beautifully—by talking of the past during the present action, we see the consequences of history. The cruel irony of Nicolas’s blade as it cuts into peaceful demonstraters (ok, Gangsta, this is getting a bit far) juxtaposed onto Worrick cutting his steak (this is a metaphor, take notes) is… cruel irony. Furthermore, it’d be tasteless to have music playing during bloody flashbacks, and silence renders it too disturbing. A voiceover solves all of that, adds backstory, and allows unimportant yet character/setting-defining action to take place.

Rape isn’t a backstory. This is how you develop a character’s growths and motivations.

Furthermore, the constant switches between the (relatively) placid present to the not-so-halcyon past keep us wanting more flashbacks without forgetting where we actually are. Until the last chapter, the flashbacks weren’t necessarily chronological either. It’s like playing a mystery game, piecing the clues together one at a time, slowly understanding more and more of a story’s sociopolitical context.

Horizon’s extravagant flashiness isn’t world-building. This is how you build a world.

4 responses

  1. There are times I like narration (mostly when Norio Wakomoto is involved). It’s just very rare.

    2013/01/03 at 23:54

  2. To be fair this narration is probably not as annoying as Tatami Galaxy narration. Also it’s not audible so

    2013/01/03 at 23:59

  3. Tatami Galaxy was less annoying after I gave it a rewatch.

    2013/01/04 at 00:10

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