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ST&RS 24

Mad props to NilaiTP, an Indonesian group that double-translates JP -> INDO -> ENG, for continuing with ST&RS after Clockwork Lies dropped it nine months ago (presumably either because copyright or because they realized it’d be axed). NilaiTP’s releasing the chapters weekly now, and I reasonably expect them to scanlate until the end in chapter 39.

So, knowing that I owe to you guys my ability to process this manga, the following images aren’t meant to insult your editor’s abilities. They’re just the easiest images to use.

Did I mention that ST&RS is getting axed? Yeah, they’re ending it in chapter 39. ‘Twas only a matter of time…

Transcript: "I was really helped." "No problem." "All schools in Russia are also excited."

The coolest thing about children is that they’re CREATIVE. So they can think of things adults can’t—peanut-butter-covered dried squid, magical flying unicorn ponies, and cars that go REALLY FAST. That’s why all researchers in the United States are actually 15-year-old angsty teenagers, since their ideas are so good!

Adults don’t know shit about good design or engineering. I mean, holy moose, who the heck would’ve thought that A FAST ROCKET can go through a tornado??? Adults obviously can’t think about this because they’re too rigid in their thinking. All they think about are sending in winged planes. It takes a true genius to think outside the box and use a ROCKET instead. A true genius like the writer of this manga, who is also an angsty teenager ’cause adults can’t think of these Innovative Ideas. And drilling through the earth mars doesn’t work because they don’t have any probes with drills. After all, probes are only supposed to analyze meteorological data! Who’s going to support a Martian drilling project in 2036?!

Similarly, it must be Japanese children who harness the magical rainbow ‘powers’ of ‘memory’, ‘sound’, and ‘map’. This has a ‘perfectly’ logical ‘explanation’: the ‘beam’ only hit Japan, so only ‘Japanese children’ were indoctrinated with the ‘enlightening’ light of mystery.

Transcript: "It feels weird. Remember, what humankinds have thought up to now? Starting from the mountaintops to the deepest ocean. Mankinds have ex-plored the whole world because of a curiosity called the 'courage'. And now... these desires have been followed from generation to generation, until eventually turn into the universe."

Did I mention that ST&RS is still continuing? For like 15 chapters, at least. Only 40% left! That’s probably why it’s going so fast with the walls of text and sudden inscrutable alien baby musical chairs.

A Good Idea™ at this stage is to introduce more characters that will never appear again. And then name them. 30 new characters introduced, so if we give each character nine pages of charadev, that should be enough, right…?

P.S. no kids there is a GOOD REASON ST&RS isn’t confiding to everybody the light hunt and it has something to do with SECRET GOVERNMENT INFORMATION. if ST&RS didn’t need to keep it secret then they have a really really really really bad PR/press department because, dude, distributed computing. wait maybe THEY HAVE TO USE CHILDREN

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