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Anime Cold Turkey

Reflecting on previous animanga postings on O-New, I’ve realized a stunning fact.

I’ve not watched any anime for more than a month.

No, not more than a month. A year ago, I would watch at least five, six shows in any given season. It’s been more than a year since I ever watched more than three shows at once. When I comment on your Kokoro Connect posts, when I talk about Joshiraku, or proofread Yuru Yuri posts, I actually haven’t seen the show. I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about. The only two shows I know are Sword Art Online and Horizon.

No, this post won’t continue to be about me: it’ll be about you. You see, even having not watched anime for a month, and having not read manga for six times that, I still somehow interact with the aniblog community. Really, interacting with the community is something I have not ever stopped doing. This leads into an obvious conclusion:

It’s more fun to talk with the community than to watch anime.

“What the fuck?!” you guys are thinking, “That’s like joining the student council so that you can talk to friends!”


Let’s see whether this is really something out of the norm. Here’s an experiment: don’t watch any anime/read any manga for exactly one week. Record your feelings. Then, don’t interact with the community at all for another week (you can still watch anime, just don’t read any twitter, blogs, irc, videos, podcasts, whatever). Disconnect your Internet or something. Record your feelings.

Are they different? Are they positive feelings? Are they negative feelings? Which one is more intense?

Would you rather participate unknowingly in the community, or watch anime alone?

It’s your say.

P.S. Distribute this to others if you find it interesting. I’m expecting zero participants and one fervent rebuttal as the lone comment. If you ruin my expectations I’ll have to ex-pectate you.

P.P.S. ‘Ex-pectate’ means ‘to remove the pectoralis major muscle from’.

26 responses

  1. Actually, that’s pretty close. What I was thinking was, “That’s like joining the student council to form your own personal harem!”

    2012/09/07 at 01:24

  2. I’ve already sort of done half of this experiment, so I’ll go ahead and weigh in.

    I left Twitter for a week during August. Now, Twitter isn’t my *only* interaction with the blogosphere, and I did continue reading some blog posts here and there. That said, pretty much everything I read was a meta/interrogation post, so…anyway, at that point it was still only the first week of school, so I had a…fair amount of free time. I used it to watch anime, and I found out something a little surprising: I enjoyed anime *more*.

    This is not to say that I dislike discussions on anime or episodic analysis or whatever else. On the contrary, I happen to enjoy them quite a bit! But what changed was that I was disconnected from everybody else’s opinions. I disconnected from the global melting pot of anime opinions, and I let myself discover things on my own. I didn’t hear “man, this episode of XYZ really sucked” or “Wow! That was really good!” Watching anime became an adventure, something new and exciting! A good analogy would be walking away from where you live and walking back to it (no, not running away. I just take a lot of hikes). When you’re walking somewhere new without knowing what’ll happen, it feels pretty darn good. You let yourself enjoy it a little more and take it all in. When you’re on you’re way back to a destination, you already know what’s gonna happen. There’s no excitement. Instead, your emotions are sparked by what’s happening when you get back. What will have changed, what new things will have happened?

    Similarly, I’ve barely watched any anime over the past week or so. I’ve watched some, but I’ve had to cut back because of school. I’ve found that…not a lot changed, which seems a lot like what happened with you. I’m able to enjoy the blogging community just as much. As with the walking analogy, both can be enjoyable, but in decidedly different ways.

    As it stands, I think I’ll do both, probably swearing off one or the other temporarily every now and then. Getting off Twitter definitely had a bigger impact, but I like watching anime both ways, so…

    Oh wait, this isn’t a fervent rebuttal oh lord oh lord I’m going to get ex-pectated this is going to hurt isn’t it oh lord

    2012/09/07 at 01:29

  3. I remember when Baka-Raptor did something like this. For a year.

    2012/09/07 at 01:52

  4. I’ve done anime hiatuses before, usually from burnout. It gives me time to look on and reflect what the trends are for shows, what the community fans over (or ignores), and often when I finally decide to get back into it, I’ll have one or two shows to watch immediately that I’ll have picked out beforehand…. and usually I adore them to pieces. Since I know what burnout is like, I try to keep the shows I watch to a minimum and from genres I care for. Moyashimon is something I’d love to itty-bitty bits even if I didn’t like anime since it appeals to my biology-lovin’ quirky side.

    2012/09/07 at 18:50

  5. You were on twitter, though! So that’s part two.

    2012/09/08 at 01:30

  6. There is a person in my class who has joined the student council and has a flock of girls following him.


    2012/09/08 at 01:32

  7. I guess in that respect it’s sorta like not eating for a day and researching different foods at a buffet, and then not only are the food you then eat inherently delicious, but not eating for a day makes them even more so. Well, that analogy was completely unrelated but I don’t know any less awkward way I can express general agreement :s

    2012/09/08 at 01:35

  8. I’ll admit: I haven’t done this experiment myself, as I’ve never disconnected myself from the community while still watching anime for more than days at a time. Perhaps, when I do do that, I’ll find that my enjoyment of anime also increases… apples and oranges might be what I’m doing here :z

    P.S. Don’t worry, I meant that the only comment ought to have been a fervent rebuttal. But since there are more than just one comment… I’ll ex-pectate all of you

    2012/09/08 at 01:40

  9. I actually think that’s a fairly solid analogy! xD I actually do that for buffets in real life, looking everything over to figure out what I want to eat the most vs. what I have room for on my plate. I guess that carries over to other areas of my life! ^.^

    2012/09/08 at 03:11

  10. Great minds eat a pike!

    Or, uh, lynx?

    2012/09/08 at 04:16

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  12. Mass ex-pectation…does hy-pe mean anything?

    2012/09/08 at 14:08

  13. I really hope it doesn’t…

    2012/09/08 at 18:15

  14. Unspeakable Bringer-of-Shameful-tortillias

    I don’t really go on many communities or anything to converse with people. The only forums I ever tried getting active in just didn’t have the user base to sustain it. I watch anime because I like anime. :P

    2012/09/09 at 00:48

  15. Maybe I can make a silly graph to go along with this textwall. x-axis will be ‘enjoyment gained from watching anime’, y-axis will be ‘connections to anime community’, and it’ll look like a shameful tortilla

    2012/09/09 at 02:44

  16. charizardpal

    Thats me. Traveled for months, havent seen no anime, but have kept in touch with the blogosphere. Weird feeling that is…

    2012/09/09 at 08:58

  17. Jay

    I was wondering if I can do this but nope. The reason is simple: interaction is required for me to enjoy aniblogging. If I did this, I’ll be so confused.

    2012/09/09 at 11:43

  18. I’m too lazy to do either of these things. I’ve stopped watching anime and stopped using twitter too! I did somehow manage to pump out a post with anime relevance for the first time this summer, which is extremely amazing. I hope I’m not outgrowing anime. I’m going to watch some now. No I’m not, football is on.

    2012/09/09 at 22:17

  19. Actually, through reading blog posts/twitter, you do get a sense of what various anime you’re not watching are about…

    2012/09/09 at 23:28

  20. Pffft, anime is for kindergarteners

    2012/09/10 at 01:23

  21. Not aniblogging per se, but just watching anime. Interaction is required for me to enjoy watching anime at least, but that seems to be abnormal around here.

    2012/09/10 at 01:24

  22. Reed

    The anime blogosphere is full of drama, shit taste, and hivemind. Being “disengaged” from it comes effortlessly to me. If you comment on shit you haven’t seen, you are part of the problem, by the way.

    2012/09/10 at 01:44

  23. If you think the anime community’s purpose is to enjoy anime. I think there may be many people in the community who don’t even like anime anymore; though, obviously, they wouldn’t name themselves. Why they continue being part of the community is what I want to find out.

    2012/09/10 at 01:54

  24. Real life SeiZon!

    . . . Oh wait, actually it’s probably just that he was really popular to start with, thus accounting for both the girls and his election.

    2012/09/11 at 16:22

  25. What are you talking about? Everybody knows that our lack of pirates is the cause of global warming! :P

    2012/09/11 at 23:00

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