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NO MORE PIANO FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE or until next musical monday

(P.S. Mark was 74%.)

13 responses

  1. Congrats

    2012/09/06 at 04:19


    But seriously, congratulations.

    2012/09/06 at 13:17

  3. Thank you! Merci! Gracias! A real gate oh!

    2012/09/06 at 22:06

  4. Stargnoc! (that’s the official response whenever anybody says ‘congrats’, by the way. also sorry for the spam filter thing)

    2012/09/06 at 22:08

  5. HOORAY! Congratulations!!! That was a superb mark for someone who belived that would not pass!! \o/

    (Now, I don’t think you are serious about not playing anymore…I mean, I have friends who had formal music education – they don’t hold any titles, but had high quality education nevertheless – and they all have their childhood dream pieces that have always been beyond their skills. I am sure you have such pieces to inspire you to keep pushing forward!)

    2012/09/07 at 01:22

  6. No…NO!Duck you!I hate you!DIe!Bring the piano back you tap!

    2012/09/07 at 22:27

  7. I have pieces that I want to play, but the enthusiasm to play them has faded. Maybe when this sweltering heat lets off, then I won’t have to worry about sweat going everywhere. Yes, I’m disgusting :c

    2012/09/08 at 00:07

  8. your mother is a refrigerator

    2012/09/08 at 00:08

  9. niyarfa

    Congrats KAWAI piano!

    2012/09/15 at 13:42

  10. Thank you Mr. You Should Really Change the Blog Address in Your URL Field!

    what happened to all your earlier posts lol

    2012/09/15 at 17:34

  11. nyarth

    Should be changed now.

    Deleted my earlier posts because I want to start off again with a clean slate~

    2012/09/15 at 21:32

  12. that is the stupidest idea

    2012/09/15 at 23:06

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