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星のカービィ Transcription

What? A 星のカービィ Transcription?

Isn’t 星のカービィ (lit. Kirby of the Stars) the Japanese title of Kirby’s Dream Land? How can you transcribe that?

Not the game, sillies: the music. Made in 1992, Kirby’s Dream Land has been featured in dentists’ offices worldwide as the premier source of childhood despair. Damn you, Whispy Woods. Damn you.

Props to the Kirby Wikia for letting me illegally steal the original music (alternatively: all tracks in one video) and ninsheetm.us for letting me illegally steal others’ transcriptions. (Actually, they didn’t let me do those things, but moving on…)

Let’s start with the first track: the aptly named Title Theme.

Uh… I need more practice on my left hand. And on my right hand. And on my face. STAY TUNED I WILL EDIT THIS POST WITHIN THE NEAR FUTURE with ALL FOURTEEN KIRBY TRACKS yes I’m lying

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  1. ~Not Kawai enough!

    2012/10/02 at 11:39

  2. K A W A I

    2012/10/02 at 14:41

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