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Juryoku in Anime Posts

Today/Tuesday’s question: what will you write to represent Juryoku in your Shinsekai Yori posts?

Haven’t went through the second episodes of Shinsekai Yori yet, so dunno if the situation has changed. Hover over images for sub groups.

CrunchyRoll's translation of Juryoku, 'Power'.

Commie's translation of Juryoku, 'cursed power'.

Aidoru's translation of Juryoku, 'Force'.

UTW's translation of Juryoku, 'Cantus'.

Hadena's translation of Juryoku, 'gravity'.

You can use just one translation in your posts: ‘She harnessed her Power.’
This is confusing for readers using other fansubs.

You can use all translations: ‘She harnessed her Power/cursed power/Force/Cantus/gravity.’
This is bulky.

You can use no translation: ‘She harnessed her Juryoku.’

You can not use the word: ‘She ate a cow sandwich, also known as a hamburger in Germany-eating countries.’
This is unwieldy.

You can hope these fansubs agree on a common translation.
This will never happen.

You can use only Hadena’s translation: ‘She harnessed her gravitational force. The sheer mass of two years worth of compressed hamburgers made a glopping sound as the vacuous nihility of her stomach engulfed her powerless enemies.’
This is my decision.

Discuss. What are you going to do about the Force of this cursed power? The gravity of this situation of Power deserves a Cantus.

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  1. O-NEW is a blog!

    2012/10/10 at 09:04

  2. O-NEW is not a blog, it’s a feeling..

    2012/10/10 at 22:32

  3. I’ve got an O-NEW…

    2012/10/10 at 22:47

  4. An O-NEW deep inside…. oh yeah…. oh yeah…. (/♫)

    2012/10/11 at 22:23

  5. Reed

    Sure are a lot of pretty bad sub groups out there…

    Personally, I’d go with #1. Assuming I blog about this show. Assuming I watch this show. Which I won’t.

    2012/10/15 at 06:28


    2012/10/15 at 06:47