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2012 Autumn Anime First Impressions

Hi everybody. This First Impressions post is ordered alphabetically. My excuse for the quality of our product is that we weren’t prepared and GOD, IT HAS ALREADY STARTED

kamisama has already started



I made it 30 seconds into the OP before I shut it off and never returned.
Status: Can you say that something is Dropped if you never really started it?

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!


Here’s a show I can fully support. I like the interaction between the main characters. I like that this is essentially a slice of life but the twist of Chuunibyou provides far more action and less forced comedy than you get in most shows of this genre. It feels like one of those cheap harem comedies, like Mayo Chiki or MM!, but without the cheapness.

Status: Enthusiastically Watching




Atmosphere is the only thing Code:Breaker has going for it. Atmosphere and Phi Brain-ness. With an OP like this (I mean, heck, ‘puzzle’ is like the second word in the OP) and these hyper-derp designs how can this be anything but a tribute to Phi Brain?

Pacing is dragged too long, though – I don’t want to see a dog getting kicked around for five minutes. Cats are alright, but dogs are too cute to be kicked.

Nevertheless, the atmosphere is still top-notch. Great use of background music, too. It made me really empathize with the heroine, and I really felt like I was going to get raped up my ass with QUALITY. Now that’s usually not a good thing and I’d have dropped this if not for THAT CLIFFHANGER.


Status: Two-Episode Chance


My new school's P.E. classes are all co-ed, so we can't do wrestling anymore...

Girls und Panzer

(John Sato)

Shows like this always throw me off. If it were just cute girls doing cute things like driving tanks (wait, hold on…), then I could write it off as a silly little moe show for people who like that sort of thing to enjoy. But the thing is, Girls Und Panzer isn’t really silly. I mean, by no stretch of the imagination does it take itself seriously, but once you get past the premise it becomes, like, an actual show with an actual story. I feel like one’s ability to enjoy this is mostly dependent on their whimsy threshold, but if you remove the thoughts of how these girls will be horribly crushed to death by their own tank’s armor when their tank gets hit (and yes, they appear to really use tanks, explosive rounds and all. No fact smudging here), then there’s definitely entertainment to be had here.

Status: Two-Episode Chance

DT was the high school I was going to go to before transferring...

Ixion Saga DT


And I thought Btooom! would be the best show of the season…

…NOPE. It’s IXION SAGA DT, the latest derpanime ~masterpiece~ courtesy of BRAINS BASE. Check out what other erudite individuals have to say about it:

…OK, one erudite individual. Anyways, Ixion Saga DT is awesome. If there were a checklist for awesomeness, Ixion Saga DT would meet every single criteria. Virtual reality without annoying Kiritos? Check. Self-aware protagonist? Check. Harems? NOPE. Dragon-toed boots? Check. Crotch kicks? Check. WORLD’S END ULTIMATUM SPECIAL THREE-BAR CHARGE ATTACKS? Check. Hot gay maid trap voiced by the VA of Lelouch (I actually haven’t watched Geass…), AoEx’s Yukio, DenYuuDen’s Ryner, Working!!’s Souta, Chuu2Koi’s Yuuta, Durarara!!’s Shinra, and of course, HORIZON’S AOI TOORI: JUN FUKUYAMA HIMSELF?!


Speaking of checks, CHECK OUT this seizure-inducing OP animation. Do not look past the first 8 seconds. Do not click the spam video about Viagra. Do not pass Go.


I originally thought Ixion Saga DT would be some crap show with crap 90s art, but the 90s art is AWESOME and the entire show’s a legitimate ironic parody. I was literally grinning stupidly from the DEE TEE to the EEE DEE, and my face was stuck in an awkward position for weeks afterwards (and now everybody avoids me like the plague avoids antibiotics). Truly, Ixion Saga DT is the Classiest Anime.

Status: Three-Episode Test

I'm going to marry a girl whose last name is Wang and then name my son Du Wang.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012)

(John Sato)

In an alternate reality where humans are made not of flesh but of carved limestone and the name “Jonathan” is somehow shortened to “Jojo,” a blue haired British boy housing the intellect of Frankenstein’s monster in his early stages and his blond, musclebound anglo-saxon adopted brother who is possessed by the devil fight each other over family inheritance. Jojo does a lot of things in a very over dramatic fashion, in a way that anyone who isn’t 12 years old would find it silly. But, Jojo also does a lot of things right. If you let yourself accept the drama and the juvenile nature of… well, a lot of the show, then it becomes a thoroughly enjoyable, even emotional ride. I guess in a way, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is so simultaneously bad and good that it is simultaneously bad and good.

Status: Watching


So derivative it’s almost a fault. It’s grabbing character designs from all over the place. There are plot elements that remind me of everything from Index to Durarara. Still, it has its own unique take on all of this.
Status: Watching with expectations reserved.


(John Sato)

So far, I’m quite enjoying K. Blue filter or no, the visuals are amazing, and I don’t mean that in an OMG FIRE AND BISHIES AND JUMPING CAT GIRLS kind of way. For instance, there’s one scene where a TV appears in the background for only a split second, but you can still clearly see what’s on the display. It’s detailed to the point where ignoring it would be blind of me, even if the art style isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Combined with the music, K has a very nice audio-visual style going for it. The execution of the story leaves a little to wish for, though it’s possible that the series is merely a shaky start, too. That said, you can easily understand the core plot elements, and between the fantastic production values, the action, the humor, and the expansive cast & setting, K promises to be a fun ride, at the very least.

Status: Watching

Kamisama Hajimemashita

(John Sato)

Kamisama Hajimemashita (or Kamisama Kiss, if you prefer) is one of the most generic shoujo series I’ve ever seen. That said, I’m kind of a shoujo junkie, so it’s no surprise that I love it. It’s full of tropes and predictable plot developments, but there’s something to be said about a comedic, light-hearted romance series that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I suppose that it one thing that sets it apart from the other shoujo series this season; Kamisama Kiss is primarily a comedy, really only teasing the romance and being completely devoid of drama (at least so far). A nice, unoffensive, fluffy shoujo series to turn your brain off to and enjoy.

Status: Watching

Litchi DE Hikari Club

Status: Nazis

Little Busters!

This show sucks. Maybe I’ve just fallen so hard off the Key bandwagon I can never get back up. If you try reading the positive reviews of this show you might note a trend: they’re all done by comparison to other Key adaptations. Fans of this show are largely nostalgia filled, Key apologists. I just can’t be a part of that anymore.

Status: Like watching a train wreck; I cannot look away even though I want to. Watching


(John Sato)

Magi is Moegi. I could honestly end the impression right here. I guess you’re probably looking for a little more, though. Moegi is pretty cool. It’s got a super (pronounce that like someone slid an icecube down your back while you were saying that) cool setting, and not just in that it’s unique; the city of the first few episodes and the rest of the world are very nicely created, and the series did a a good job of getting the viewer interested.

Aside from that, it’s got a very engaging, adventure-y story, magic, and the genderbent crossbred clone of the cast of K-ON and every third female character from Horizon as its lead. Certainly a more ‘spectacle’ kind of shounen series (as opposed to a ‘battle’ one à la the big three), but a reliable candidate to get your fantasy action adventure fix from.

Status: Watching

This image is literally all I dreamt of for one nightmare-filled week...



The year is 20XX. The block is noitaminA. The ED is by EGOIST. The OP is probably sung by some poor castrated sopranino.

In a world where kawaii moè fanservice dominates, one man ventures to set things straight.

Urobuchi Gen, battling against spineless emasculated otamots and thrusting back unbridled sexism and armed with a competent palette of artisans and a potpourri of atmospheric resonances, unleashes a sanctified rain of noir-esque, spearheaded by a girl with balls. Not tennis balls. Not Ed Balls.


But the going is not easy. The path of forced exposition is well-trodden, yet remnants of yesteryear’s Horizon have not faded. With adroit feet, Urobuchi nimbly sidesteps through the muck and mud. Yet, it was not adequate. The remnants of Horizon hung on. Pushing through the mire of sexism was no small feat – and Urobuchi had big feet. Strong female main with development room? Check. unnecessary comments related to female main’s gender? Not much. Effective rape scene? Check. Important rape scene? C-check…? Integral rape scene? No.

Any form of trauma would have served the same purpose. Why rape?

The path is a long one, one riddled with pitfalls and obstructions. He’s made it once. Will he again seize the intangible summit of originality?

I hope so.

Status: Watching


I can’t get a read on this one. The setup and characters seem fine, so far. Some of it is your average convenience, like the video game wiz hanging out with the tenacious but otherwise untalented girl. I do like that the characters start out with a purpose and the setup for the initial arc, and I assume the introduction of the full cast, feels natural. It’s just too early to tell if this can live up to its most immediate predecessor.
Status: Watching with much trepidation.

Shinsekai yori

This is supposed to be creepy, I guess. I don’t find it particularly so. Instead, I think the world they’ve created is very interesting. I like the animation in this show a lot, too. I feel like it’s a solid B-grade show that few will ever consider excellent, but few will be disappointed in.
Status: Watching

A look into the daily life of Mushyrulez...

Sukitte Ii na yo.


Shoujo’s cool. I watch shoujo anime. John Sato watches shoujo anime. Kamisama Hajimemashita is cool. I’m not watching it because there are other shows I want to watch more.

Sukitte Ii na yo is not one of them.

Kamisama Hajimemashita has twists. It involves the supernatural. The main character’s likable. Most importantly, it’s actually funny.

There is nothing remotely funny about Sukitte Ii na yo at all. The joke sections are uninspired, the characterization is flat as a pancake, and the coincidences are banal to the extreme. That final kiss scene? Ugh. Talk about contrived.

There is nothing remotely interesting about Sukitte Ii na yo at all. All of its shticks are hackneyed, the heroine is more generic than any harem lead out there, and all this pitying and whining only annoy me. No, accidentally killing a class rabbit doesn’t forever isolate you from all social interaction. Yes, when you recognize that you have a social problem, you don’t mope and whine about it.

You seek immediate psychological help. I’m serious. By sending unto her a boyfriend from the heavens, Japan is only aggravating the problem. Problems do not solve themselves.

There is nothing remotely redeeming about Sukitte Ii na yo at all. The art can’t get any more mundane, the pacing is in the wrong genre, and the dramatic music is completely unnecessary. No, I will not pity the protagonist.

Will anything save Sukitte Ii na yo from this mess of generic shoujo? No, nothing short of magical space aliens in episode two. Will they appear? Well, I’ll have to find out…

Status: Two-Episode Chance



I was like ‘oh, another stupid Softenni fanservice shtick without softness or tennis’ and then it was two minutes long and a quarter of it was OP and then that image happened and I don’t even, alright, I don’t even what is wrong with society anymore

Status: wat

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

(redball) The start of this show is a mess. As Mr. Sato pointed out when we watched this, it’s like they packed an entire Shoujo season into 20 minutes. There’s two time skips! Add that to the crappy behavior of the male lead and the expectation that the female lead will fall for him, and you have one of the worst starts I’ve seen. I watched episode two and found it better, but not enough to rid me of the lingering taste of episode one.
Status: Dropped

Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun (John Sato)

I said earlier that I’m a shoujo junkie. Having seen as much of the genre as I have, Tonari just felt like a massive troll. The first episode brushed past all the typical plot points in the most expedient fashion you could imagine, but in such a way it felt like it was just making fun of fans. It could have easily skipped half of the plot points it crammed in and told the same story in a less rushed fashion, but instead felt the need to include them for no apparent reason other than to rush through them.

Either it has some serious plans it needed to get all that out of the way for, or the director found out that what he thought was a one-shot OVA was actually a full TV series and chose to just keep what they had already made. The series didn’t do enough to deserve continued attention, so I guess I’ll never know. Probably the only reason I’d watch any more of this is morbid curiosity.

Status: Dropped

Zetsuen no Tempest (redball)
To enjoy this one I think you either need to tune out the Shakespeare references or fully embrace them. I choose to tune them out. The references don’t seem to make much sense in the context of the show, so I can only imagine this is pretentious wankery. If you ignore them, though, you’ll find a show that is at least somewhat interesting. Just don’t make the comparisons the creators so desperately want you to.
Status: Three-Episode Test

Zetsuen no Tempest (John Sato)

I didn’t like this series. In fact, I kind of really disliked it. The biggest problem was the plot progression. The story was all there, but it felt like someone put it through a wood chipper and tried to reassemble it like a jigsaw puzzle.

My thoughts when I was watching it were something akin to “Okay, so these are our main characters and this is sort of how they interact, okay, and wait, hold on, now we’ve got this other character who I guess is also a main character, and she’s trapped on this island and I guess there’s magic and okay, here’s the bad guy and woah, I guess it’s like half a year later, what happened to those other characters that got introduced I guess one of them died and now there’s this weird lady who can’t decide if she wants to threaten this guy or socialize with him and WOAH FLYING DUDE AND GUNS AND METAL PEOPLE AND EYEBALLS IN THE SKY AND – wait hold on, what is happening?!

*Ahem* I don’t know; it wasn’t particularly hard to follow, but it just felt so… hollow. Apparently I’m the only one in the blogosphere who doesn’t like it (with the possible exception of my good compatriot Redball), though, so if you’re interested I guess I’d give it a try. (It’s worth noting that it looks really nice and has suitably epic music.)

Status: Dropped


So that’s the end of our preview. We hope you enjoyed it. We might add more things to it if Jesus159159159 ever decides to emerge from his natural habitat. Let us observe the Jesus159159159 in-depth with this special nano-camera I inserted into his Kindle™:

Is this the Bakuman protagonist?

…Never mind.

24 responses

  1. No, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo? I am disappointed. :P

    Poor JS159159159, her cute voice just isn’t letting him go.

    2012/10/25 at 12:57

  2. Vincent

    Code: Breaker and Suki-tte Ii na yo. are tagged but aren’t in the post, while Girls und Panzer and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures aren’t tagged, but are in the post.

    And just so you know, in Tonari, a similar rape gesture is again made in episode 4. How could the author possibly find rape funny?

    2012/10/25 at 15:47

  3. Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to tango-cleave (do not try this form of interpretive dance at home, youngsters).

    You know Mayo Chiki was the best. And on another note, I think I am almost on the Spring season. Catching up!

    2012/10/26 at 00:29

  4. Oh no, you caught me! (Don’t worry, I’m just gonna add those segments later tomorrow.)

    People find a lot of bad things funny. People are funny like that.

    2012/10/26 at 01:46

  5. The Kenosha Kid

    In defense of Shin Sekai Yori: I don’t think it’s nearly as much of a horror anime as everyone’s making it out to be. I don’t think that was ever the show’s intention. Can’t really explain why I think this, but I think the creepy atmosphere is more a byproduct of the storytelling than the aim of the storytelling.

    Also, I think that JoJo, fun as it is on its own, would be best appreciated with other people to watch it with and maybe a bit of alcohol. It’s the kind of show that I think was very deliberately made to be made fun of.

    2012/10/26 at 04:37

  6. This is a comment!

    2012/10/26 at 22:49

  7. The Kenosha Kid

    Ceci n’est pas une commentaire.

    2012/10/27 at 01:57

  8. redball

    I think Shin Sekai Yori tries to be creepy, maybe it isn’t trying to be horror but it’s trying to be creepy. Sometimes it works, like the rat people scene and the ominous warning about interacting with them. Sometimes it fails, like the emperor’s coronation scene which was terrible, especially in comparison to the rest of the show.

    2012/10/27 at 03:58

  9. redball

    I liked Mayo Chiki, and to a lesser extent MM!. That’s why I used those as examples. But I can’t imagine Mayo Chiki being considered anything more than an excellent b-grade show. If nothing else, it needed to do a lot more to move up a tier. What I’ve seen of Chuu2Koi so far makes me think it could be that show.

    2012/10/27 at 04:01

  10. The Kenosha Kid

    Oh, it certainly tries to be creepy. I guess what I wanted to say was that the creep aspect of the show doesn’t seem like its focus to me. Not in the slightest. So it’s weird to see how much people like to stress that aspect of the series when they discuss it.

    For me, the moment thus far that has struck me the most is one of its least creepy moments: that little incident in episode 3 where one character (can’t remember names yet; probably the show’s only real flaw to me thus far) makes the water smooth and all of a sudden you can see all the stars in it.

    Sort of cheesy and obvious?—yes, but it just plain worked for me. I’m a sucker for that sort of thing.

    2012/10/27 at 04:21

  11. Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to dis Eve (this one is so bad you might even think this is Mushy).

    “Its a really great movie. Definitely B-grade, maybe even C” (actually I’m not entirely sure that is how the quote went, but it was a good line from “Summer Time-Machine Blues”). And yes I would agree that it was definitely B-grade, but for some reason I remember thinking it was a totally awesome B-grade. Maybe just Subaru feels. Never watched MM!, in fact I don’t even have an idea what imperative double M might stand for, but it probably unlocked the Crazy-License in Crazy Taxi for Dreamcast.

    Anydangways. I realized I haven’t actually been watching Spring anime yet. ;_;

    2012/10/28 at 02:58

  12. Vincent

    I’m just going to assume that you forgot to do it now.

    2012/10/28 at 04:17

  13. Vincent

    Mushy, the heroine in Suki-tte didn’t kill a rabbit. She was blamed for killing a rabbit. That she didn’t think that the male would come to help her in episode 2 (not a huge spoiler, so I might as well mention it), shows that she was accustomed to having people not come to her aid, and it wasn’t just that incident that made her choose social withdrawal. A lot of people don’t seek psychological help, and that she acts relatively normal at home, probably makes her mother believe that everything is okay.

    I am not trying to convince you to like this series, in fact, I can see why you dislike this series and I expect you to drop it after episode 2.

    2012/10/29 at 04:22

  14. Totally missed that, but I’ll leave it in because that’s how I interpreted it – meaning either the show wasn’t clear enough, or I wasn’t paying enough attention (probably the latter). I agree about people not seeking help, which is why it’d be wonderful if some anime came out and told people, ‘It’s OK! Getting professional help will help you deal with your insecurities!’ instead of having a magical unicorn save them. Unfortunately, an anime about getting help isn’t going to be interesting at all, so it’ll never happen :P

    The series isn’t all that bad, just wonderfully (in a bad way) generic. I might watch it if better shows weren’t airing this season.

    2012/10/29 at 07:19

  15. But you have to draw it!

    2012/10/29 at 07:20

  16. Finally added, but you already noticed. Sorry about all of that!

    2012/10/29 at 07:21

  17. Any rape scenes in Sakurasou yet?

    2012/10/29 at 07:21

  18. I think Tiger & Bunny and Steins;Gate were in Spring… definitely catch those two!

    2012/10/29 at 07:22

  19. No more tangles.

    Oh, I actually watched Tiger & Bunny eons ago, and just finished Steins;Gate yesterday (wasn’t expecting much when they said it was taking place after Chaos;Head…). Both were pretty good, though Steins;Gate was the real champion of the two. But weren’t those closer to Spring of 2011? XD
    Now I’m watching Eureka Seven though (the original), so I have gone even further back in time. :P
    I should be okay though, since now that I have finally managed to escape the clutches that are Dark and Demon’s Souls for at least the time being, I will have more time to divert solely to anime entertainment once more!

    It would be easier if I didn’t always want to watch everything. Darn anime.

    2012/10/30 at 03:22

  20. Oh shit, it’s already 2012? Hmm… I don’t think I watched anything this Spring or this Summer, then…

    2012/10/30 at 03:39

  21. No more tangos.

    You employ the True Fist of the Ani-blarg. Your talent for quality lies in the shows you don’t watch.

    2012/10/30 at 04:21

  22. I don`t think so? I haven’t seen the newest episode yet though.

    2012/11/03 at 16:28

  23. is it autismoe

    2012/11/03 at 17:56

  24. Actually, yeah. Calling it autistic moe is an excellent description.

    2012/11/04 at 06:58