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Musikalisches Bilderbuch, No. 5 Weisse Und Schwarze Tasten II

According to the German Wikipedia, István Szelényi (no, don’t ask me how to pronounce that) was a not-German and yes-Hungarian pianist and composer, born in 1904. He studied at the Budapest Academy of Music and liked performing and editing Liszt cause they’re both Hungarian and hungary for the satiater that is ~romantic music~. Except Szelényi had “the drive to write a tonal and intelligible, while contemporary music close.” Which means that he was actually an expressionist.

He composed Musikalisches Bilderbuch (Musical Picture-Book) in 1967, just 5 years before his death at 68 years old. This Reliable Source (totally not copied from German Wikipedia) suggests that Musical Picture-Book “is one of the most stimulating educational collections of piano music of the 20th century.”

So why does nobody have a numbered song list of it?!

IMSLP doesn’t have scores because his works are still copyrighted. Nobody’s going to give me sheet music previews because ~capitalism~. I’m tempted to just go with this and say Weisse Und Schwarze Tasten II (White and Black Keys II) was probably the fifth song? But I can’t confirm it because THERE ARE NO NUMBERS ANYWHERE AT ALL

Once again, it seems like all sources have exactly the same list, right down to their non-numbering. Is this all a conspiracy to make me research more? Or did no book supplier actually read the sheets? Is everybody as clueless as me, copying the same source for their table of contents?

The hardest part about these pieces is obviously not playing them: it’s finding out the publication date and song number, because apparently nobody cares about these things!! Also translating things from German. Google Translate, you suck.

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