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Politics and Religion

There are three things taboo on anime blogs: politics, religion, and manga. The first two for their divisiveness; the last one because otherwise, you’d have an animanga blog.

Why is this?

Firstly, there’s absolutely no reason to talk about politics or religion in a blog that talks about foreign cartoons. You don’t see any Chinese bloggers out there talking about the Senkaku Islands, even though anime come from Japan.

Secondly, I was lying. There are reasons to talk about politics or religion in anime blogs, but you must clearly state those at the posts’ beginning (at least, people must expect it, sometimes by virtue of your site itself). Otherwise, if you thought you were just reading a lighthearted Girls und Panzer post but found yourself dragged into a mire of neo-Nazi propaganda… well, let’s just say that you won’t be going back to that blog anytime soon.

Thirdly, politics and religion divide because they’re ingrained inside us. Our political and religious views are part of our identity. When you say bad things about our political and religious views, you’re saying bad things about us. You’re saying bad things about us. You’re doing a bad thing. You’re a bad person.

Politics and religion ruin good relationships. Somebody may completely ignore you if you reveal your political standpoint. You could become an object of ridicule. In a way, politics and religion are like being a girl on the Internet – you hide your identity from people because you’re scared of their reactions, but you shouldn’t have to hide these things. However, politics and religion apply to everybody.

I’m wondering if anybody would be interested if O-New took political questions into You Say Tuesdays – not questions like ‘Do you think Obama deserved to win?’ but things like ‘What kind of impact do harem anime have on Japan’s ongoing sexism?’. Really, politics is the most interesting conversational topic ever. There are so many things to say, things to hear, things to consider and things to learn about. Politics offers a limitless supply of intellectual and informative discussion and debate.

Of course, there will be limits. I never moderate non-spambot comments, but the potential for flaming and frustration will rise up to eleven. Thus, if we ever do this, I will require all comments be relevant (to either the post itself or the comment being replied to), clean (every single objectionable word, including ‘crap’ and ‘darn’, will be censored), and involve no ad hominem attacks whatsoever. If the atmosphere ever escalates to verbal blows, I will lock the thread.

Who’d be interested in this?

3 responses

  1. I’d be interested! :)

    I would only say that for my blog, I try to always relate any topic to anime…otherwise, your blog becomes something other than an aniblog, and as a hybrid, those sort of blogs rarely please anyone.

    2012/11/09 at 14:00

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  3. Yeah, you’re right – but the good thing about hybrid blogs is that you can choose not to read posts you don’t want to read. For focused blogs, you know all of their posts will be on something you want to read about – which is great if you have a good target audience, but bad if your topic is too niche.

    I guess O-New won’t be going into these things. We’re not nearly serious enough to write about serious topics, after all :P

    2012/11/12 at 06:29