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YouSays of YouTube

That ‘says’ is pronounced ‘sez’, as in ‘He says that O-New is slowly dying.’ It’s a pun, alright.

Just wondering: how do you guys use your YouTube accounts, if at all? Vimeo’s another popular video sharing website, which seems to be equally valid as a video-sharing source…

Myself, I upload videos of music to YouTube; as YouTube has the largest audience pool, YouTube videos usually get more views than equivalent videos uploaded to Vimeo, etc. I also subscribe to various music channels on YouTube, so instead of keeping a playlist, I can simply flip through my subscriptions’ recent uploads for convenient (and diverse) homework music.

I’ve seen others use YouTube to post gameplay videos, to upload old music archives, to share (private) videos with friends/family/socials teachers, and even as a blogging vehicle. Indeed, anime blogging seems to be slowly morphing into anime vlogging with all these podcasts and such. (I never listen to podcasts because you can’t skim a podcast…)

Other benefits of YouTube don’t require an account, such as watching videos. Even without a YouTube channel, you may still have a YouTube account (associated with your Google account; iirc it’s automatically made).

So: how do you use YouTube? Why do you use YouTube instead of other video-sharing sites? Finally, and here’s the kicker: what kind of impact do you think YouTube (as opposed to any other video-sharing website) has made on our society?

No, this isn’t a school infotech survey project. I’m just wondering because YouTube is so ubiquitous nowadays – I find myself always watching/listening to at least a video every single day. Is that going a bit to far? I don’t know. You tell me.

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  1. I use Youtube to upload my videos and to follow channels that caught my attention. I don’t use other sites because Youtube was the first one I was introduced to and because it satisfies all of my video related “needs”. I am interested in making a NicoNicoDouga account though…however, I must work on my japanese first (which will finally reach N5 this year, hopefully).

    I am not qualified to talk about it’s social impact (v_v). By the way, don’t worry about going too far…I find myself watching/listening to at least 10 videos every single day. Addiction? Maybe.

    2012/11/17 at 15:24

  2. Yeah,that is going a bit too far.You should stop using the internet!

    2012/11/19 at 07:00

  3. Eat a ham, flare!

    2012/11/19 at 09:05

  4. Haha, I know many people who go on NND without any Japanese whatsoever, much less a N5. As for addiction… 10 videos? Today alone I’ve listened to at least thirty, including Handel’s full Messiah… I guess people with music players might do this too? YouTube is my music player.

    2012/11/19 at 09:06

  5. Eat a kraft dinner,MUSHY!

    2012/11/19 at 22:12

  6. we don’t eat kraft dinners in kanada

    2012/11/20 at 00:14

  7. The Snake Who Learned to Climb Ladders, a touching tale by Dark Horse flims

    I use YouTube a little different than most, I think. One FireFox is my music account, that I use to follow various artists, where once upon a time I uploaded some of the Contact soundtrack, since nobody else had at the time. On Chrome I have open my main account, where I mostly watch news, or some science/other learning channels. That is also the account where I post if I make anything (as you know I don’t), like an animation etc.

    Quite often I feel that with my news and fun fact videos, I maybe spend too much time watching YouTube videos, since it is probably on average 30-1:00 of content every day (though there are still days when almost nothing is uploaded). Music I can listen to while I work, so that isn’t a problem. Lately I have gotten a bit better at skipping some videos I don’t expect to be very informative, or skimming news so it only takes a few minutes.

    I used to always use my other YouTube account as a music player too, but maybe a year or two ago I just started actually buying the music I wanted, or realizing that these people were actually giving away their songs for free in many cases. So now my playlists are old and dying.

    YouTube has made a large impact on society by allowing accessibility and it functions as a topic of conversation in most cases. It is much easier for things to go viral, but it has gotten to the point where viral life is tending to get extremely short. Also with their new layout I virtually never see any new creators, so they basically killed off most chances of me stumbling on any new talent.

    2012/11/20 at 02:46

  8. It’d be awesome if YouTube encouraged musical creativity instead of reuploads, but the only people who discover new music are those already subscribed to those channels in the first place…

    …I guess I get my music somewhat differently too, subscribing to a bunch of niche Touhou doujin channels. There’s new music there all the time, and although you can still buy their CDs, the shipping’s something of a hassle…

    2012/11/20 at 03:16

  9. You do.Stop lying!

    2012/11/20 at 10:31

  10. Cabbage Patch Kids.

    Luckily I can get almost all of the music I want to buy as downloads. I’ve only ever bought maybe two CDs. Some people selling their own stuff make it really cheap, so I have no problem buying it all, but then there are some people who charge close to $4 per song, so screw them.

    2012/11/20 at 18:09