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Announcement: Half Season Reviews

You know what they are.

Oh wait.

You don’t.

I wrote my last Anime Half Season Review exactly one year and one day ago. I didn’t write any more because I no longer caught up to any shows in a season other than the ones I blogged.

An Anime Half Season Review is a time-honoured O-New tradition. When we want to talk about some show without going into episode-by-episode detail, or about a mass of episodes without any overarching theme, we resort to Half Season Reviews.

They’re reviews of half a season. Calendar season, of course. That’s six (or seven or five for noitaminA) episodes of any show. Usually, they come up halfway through the season, and o-New’s flooded with a veritable deluge of badly hashed thousand-word regurgitation of sleep-induced delusional commentary.

And they’re coming, because I’m actually keeping up with shows.

Be prepared.

6 responses

  1. Leave a comment!

    2012/11/19 at 06:56

  2. Leaf a comment!

    2012/11/19 at 09:04

  3. Cabbage.

    All of my end assignments are making me go through anime withdrawal. Though I am still going to catch up to a current season someday. The Magic Conch told me I might do it someday.

    2012/11/20 at 02:55

  4. All my non-end assignments are making me go through life withdrawal. I never knew homework could be so utterly depressing :(

    2012/11/20 at 03:14

  5. Cabbage for your cereal.

    You have homework in high school? I suppose I did get a bit in Physics, but math and my other subjects I would always just do it in class. In English there were times when I would literally have finished writing my assignment (for short ones, obviously) before the teacher finished explaining it, and in one case even used mine as the virtually perfect example. XD
    Just because you write a lot, and I’m guessing read some other blogs, I’d assume you also have no issue with English (other than finding it horrendously boring, I would assume). Also fun fact here: all the teachers that say that papers and essays get so much harder in University are jokesters. They can get a bit longer, but I wouldn’t say they actually expect a greater quality of writing (instead I was just amazed when there were students who still didn’t know when to use “its” with or without an apostrophe).

    tl;dr, assignments are 90% a pure waste of your life and effort. Have fun.

    2012/11/20 at 18:16

  6. It’s more me procrastinating on longer assignments cough cough English cough cough Socials. For French/Science/Planning I just did all my homework in-class, which cost me an A in Planning because I didn’t do my homework fast enough to hand in, lol. Then there’s no homework whatsoever in P.E./Strings/Math, although there are tests and 35% isn’t uhhhhhhhhh

    Wait, University English people too? >_>;

    2012/11/25 at 20:06