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戸松遥 – Q&A リサイタル! (TV Size) Transcription


The song here is Q&A Recital!, by Haruka Tomatsu; Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun’s first OP theme.

(Music sheets (.pdf) download link)
(MIDI file download link; what this cover would sound like if I weren’t so shit at playing)
(Makemusic Finale file download link; the only reason I said ‘Makemusic’ is because it starts with ‘m’, like all the other links do)

Sorry for the horrible quality and all those mistakes. They were the product of sleepless school-induced stress and mental delusion that I could transcribe something among mountains of homework. Two words: nope. nope. nope. (I was lying about it being two words. I also apologize in advance for my lack of capitalization.)

I’m also sorry about measure 13. The melody is in the right hand, but the chords obviously glossed it over. Then again, I think the bassline was actually more interesting than the melody so that could be a good thing orz

I think it’s all the Kirby rubbing off on me; instead of transcribing the general theme, I got way too picky, especially with those basslines at measure 9. Feel free to leave out any one of those voices; you can move the top voice to the bass clef if you’re going to kick out the bass part (I strongly suggest you do this).

To transcribe the bass part, I had to put the music on half-speed because I couldn’t hear it. Maybe I’ll become a better transcriber as I improve but I WON’T IMPROVE and also her voice is REALLY CREEPY when you slow it down 200% and she says ‘EYE RABU YUUUUUuu’ in that deep neckbeard weeaboo baritone *shudders*

In the future, will I stop trying to smush all the instruments together?

…Probably not. I don’t know, I just don’t feel the same thrill when I play something that’s all octaves with left-hand chords… I want to feel like my bass is actually adding melody to its support. At measure 19, I just went with plain ol’ melody because I couldn’t think of anything to add! Without all the trumpets randomly playing tenths I can’t reach, even my right hand would be obscenely boring. Of course, no matter what, I will not resort to octaves except at climaxes. That’s a pretty big feat in and of itself!

Indeed, transcribing all instruments is the only thing I’m good at; all the other piano covers have great timbre, energy, and precision (i.e. they actually can y’know PLAY THEIR COVERS ACCURATELY) but none of them include the bass. I actually tried (in vain) to rush this out before the others got to it, but obviously, that failed. On the bright side, I think Ishter is planning to transcribe this next, so it’ll be interesting to see what he makes of it.

P.S. Don’t mind my left hand with that page turn at 1:02. I was unconsciously reaching for a sheet to flip. When I didn’t feel any, I thought it flew up so I moved my hand higher and then I realized WAIT I MEMORIZED IT THERE ARE NO SHEETS

P.P.S. Apparently Q&A Recital!’s B-side is called donuts. I would make a pun now but I donut have the wit of others. me so jelly

P.P.P.S. I in no way endorse this song’s associated music video in any way whatsoever. if you watched it and enjoyed it please jump into this handy insta-well I’ve prepared for you right this way, filled with lava and brimstone: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth

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  1. Reflexively reaching up to flip the sheet when there is no sheet? SO MOE.

    2012/11/24 at 14:03

  2. Good job!

    You are the best!

    Great work!

    Keep it up!

    You are awesome!

    2012/11/25 at 09:26

  3. your mouth is wrong

    2012/11/25 at 19:57

  4. I think your Paras is morè moe, but only because of the mushroom

    2012/11/25 at 19:59

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