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Life Updates

Sorry for the recent lack of posts. A bunch of things have happened, including a reading project due Monday (I read the entire book that Sunday night), a math test on Tuesday (the first math test I’ve ever failed, getting 35%), a eight-thousand word ‘mini-book project’ about the Odyssey (I slept at 4:00 this morning), and a 50-minute after-school socials essay this afternoon.


P.S. what’s time management

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  1. Altsune

    Yay! Life updates ^^
    Time management is something I struggle with m’self sometimes >_<

    2012/11/23 at 04:09

  2. Time management is something 75% of the world struggles with :)

    2012/11/23 at 07:09


    How about no

    2012/11/23 at 10:25

  4. The comment you are looking for is located over there -->

    Didn’t expect you to take what I said about homework so close to heart. And hey! I never said anything about tests too!

    2012/11/24 at 02:22

  5. lol no I’m always like this. my goal (the teacher made us set goals every term) for four years of elementary was ‘improve time management skills’

    2012/11/25 at 20:07

  6. More like ‘Boo! Life updates vv’

    2012/11/25 at 20:08

  7. I can’t even manage posting times on O-New anymore orz

    2012/11/25 at 20:08

  8. how about you move all your no-kywln posts into o-new for massive damage

    2012/11/25 at 20:09

  9. For a tons of damage!

    2012/11/25 at 22:09

  10. Speaking of time management, I should be doing work right now.

    I think most human beings are like this. In-class essays were some of my favourite, since I tended to ace them and it meant that I was actually forced to just *sit down and do it* rather than having to think about how to procrastinate from doing it while at home.

    2012/11/25 at 22:58

  11. Yeah, I also hated it whenever we were supposed to an assignment in-class and the teacher assigned it for homework instead…the quality of my assignment will remain the same while other people might improve their assignment at home, and I’m the most competitive guy who never studies that you can ever find ever

    2012/11/25 at 23:17