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Shokugeki no Souma 1

So… as you might have noticed, we have a dearth of posts at O-New, especially manga posts. In fact, our last manga post was written four months ago.

BACK TO WEEKLY BLOGGING WEEKLY SHOUNEN JUMP’S WEEKLY NEW MANGA that’s bound to fail because I’m blogging it. Unlike previous past preceding prior serialized shounen series, this concept is actually new and may possibly survive past its 26th chapter.

of course there's fanservice in cooking manga cough cough addicted to curry cough cough

Except, oh wait, it isn’t. You have a generic gifted high school protagonist enter a generic specialized (SPACE!!) high school. Yukihira Souma is the titular generic amateur cook protagonist of (crappy Chinese kanji reading:) Souma of the FOOD HALBERD. He wants to defeat his father in honorable warfare (that is to say, in a cooking brawl. the pun is because ‘fare’ also means ‘food’ an-oh forget it).

UNFORTUNATELY HIS FATHER IS SECRETLY A WORLD-CLASS CHEF and he not-so-secretly absconds to chiefly chef the SHERATON NEW YORK HOTEL (no, chef is not a verb). Being a generic shounen father, he leaves Souma home alone with an application to enter Japan’s top culinary trade school, where only 10% of students graduate.

Sounds boring? WELL PEOPLE SAID THAT ABOUT ST&RS TOO and it was boring and it got axed

However, the artist is the renowned author of such literary masterpieces as… uh… Harem Time. His previous… specialized experience has brought an, uh… creatively salacious spice to this cooking manga, if you know what I mean. And the writer has previously written, uh… one other manga. WHICH IS PRETTY IMPRESSIVE ALREADY RIGHT GUYS

…I honestly don’t know how this will fare. The first chapter was pretty damn hilarious, but it’s only a matter of time before this devolves into generic shounen shenanigans. Even so, the setting is pretty creative: although we have manga about collecting ingredients (Toriko), and some about ‘normal’ cooking… there’s few manga about cooking squid tentacles in peanut butter, or about wrapping mushrooms in bacon and potatoes to create fake roast pork.

tl;dr: the first chapter is a riot; there’s a 93% chance this will be axed before chapter 26 by virtue of my blogging it; let’s blog it anyways.

P.S. The father is AWESOME. The swag is literally palpable on his ballin’ visage:

how I to english good???

P.P.S. Choice sub-Hadena scanlation derps from this chapter include: ‘We’ll manly close the shop’, ‘However, on this times’, ‘The carefully roasted bacon’s aromatic juice flows in plenty’, and ‘I told you to serve me a meat dish!? Don’t you understand!’

P.P.P.S. nice manservice

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